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Volume 13, Number 9—September 2007


Precautionary Behavior in Response to Perceived Threat of Pandemic Influenza

M. Zia Sadique*†Comments to Author , W. John Edmunds*, Richard D. Smith‡, William Jan Meerding§, Onno de Zwart§¶, Johannes Brug§, and Philippe Beutels#
Author affiliations: *Health Protection Agency, London, United Kingdom; †City University, London, United Kingdom; ‡London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom; §University Medical Centre, Rotterdam, the Netherlands; ¶Municipal Public Health Service, Rotterdam, the Netherlands; #Antwerp University, Antwerp, Belgium;

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Table 2

Perceived risk of setting during influenza pandemic, Europe and Asia*

Location Sample size Most risky† Least risky†
Guangdong, PRC 409 Entertainment (56) Home (0)
Hong Kong, SAR, PRC 401 Public transportation (52) Home (2)
Singapore 430 Entertainment (48) Home (12)
Spain 427 Public transportation (63) Home (3)
Poland 502 Public transportation (60) Home (1)
Denmark 463 Public transportation (58) Home (4)
Great Britain 401 Public transportation (49) Home (4)
The Netherlands 403 Public transportation (48) Home (5)

*PRC, People’s Republic of China; SAR, Special Administrative Region.
†Numbers in parentheses indicate percentage of respondents who were given this option.

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