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Volume 13, Number 9—September 2007

Parenteral Transmission of the Novel Human Parvovirus PARV4

Peter Simmonds*Comments to Author , Ashleigh Manning*, Rachel Kenneil*, Frances W. Carnie†, and Jeanne E. Bell†
Author affiliations: *University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom; †Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom;

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Table 1

Detection of parvovirus B19 and PARV4 in study groups*

Participant category (no.) M/F Age at death, y (range)† Year of death (range)† Mean CD4/μL (range)† AIDS? B19 positive, 
no. (%) PARV4 positive, no. (%)
HIV+ IDU, AIDS‡ (13) 10/3 35 (2–48) 1995 
(1991–1998) 44 
(1–137) Y 6 (46) 11 (85)
HIV+ IDU, pre-AIDS‡ (11) 7/4 33 (29–40) 1996 (1992–1998) 268 
(167–496) N 6 (55) 6 (55)
HIV+ MSM (13) 13/0 39 (28–49) 1993 (1990–1996) 25 
(1–160) Y 7 (54) 0
HIV– IDU (12) 10/2 35 (24–49) 1999 (1992–2005) ND NA 8 (67) 1 (8)
Hemophilia (2) 2/0 22, 26 1994, 1995 0 Y 0 1 (50)
Low-risk control§ (8) 3/5 54 (28–89) All 2005 ND NA 8 (100) 0

*IDU, injection drug user; M, male; F, female; Y, yes; N, no; MSM, men who had sex with men; ND, not done; NA, not applicable.
†Values are means (ranges) or individual values for those with hemophilia.
‡These study groups overlap with the previously analyzed HIV-positive group (8), restricted to those in whom parenteral risk factors for infection have been identified.
§Previously described in (8).

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