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Volume 14, Number 1—January 2008


Telephone Survey to Assess Influenza-like Illness, United States, 2006

Joseph L. Malone*Comments to Author , Mohammad Madjid†, and S. Ward Casscells*‡
Author affiliations: *University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, Texas, USA; †Texas Heart Institute, Houston, Texas, USA; ‡St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, Houston, Texas, USA

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Table 2

Telephone survey questions*

A. Do you have a cat(s)?
A.1. How many?
A.2. How many are recently sick?
A.3. How many have died?
B. Do you have chickens?
B.1. What proportion, if any, are sick?
B.2. Have there been more deaths of chickens than usual this week?
C. Now we would like to ask you a few questions related to a research study conducted by the University of Texas Science Center at Houston. Are you willing to participate?
C.1. Do you have the flu?
C.1.1. Have you received your flu shot this year?
C.1.2. What is your body temperature (fever)?
C.1.2. Do any of your contacts have flu?
C.1.3. Do you have shaking chills?
C.1.4. Do you have body aches and muscle pain, in the back, arms or legs?
C.1.5. Do you have a cough?
C.1.6. Do you have a runny nose?
C.1.7. Are you short-winded?
C.1.8. Do you have a sore throat?
C.1.9. Have you traveled to Southeast Asia recently?
C.1.10. How long have you had these symptoms?

*Questions A–C were asked of all adults taking the telephone survey. Only respondents who answered “yes” to Question C were asked Question C.1; only respondents who answered “yes” to C.1 were asked the follow-up questions C.1.1 through C.1.10.

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