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Volume 14, Number 1—January 2008
International Polar Year


Epidemiology of Haemophilus influenzae Serotype a, North American Arctic, 2000–2005

Michael G. Bruce*Comments to Author , Shelley L. Deeks†, Tammy Zulz*, Christine Navarro†, Carolina Palacios‡, Cheryl Case§, Colleen Hemsley¶, Tom Hennessy*, Andre Corriveau§, Bryce Larke¶, Isaac Sobel‡, Marguerite Lovgren#, Carolynn DeByle*, Raymond Tsang**, Alan J. Parkinson*, and the International Circumpolar Surveillance Hia Working Group1
Author affiliations: *Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Anchorage, Alaska, USA; †Public Health Agency of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; ‡Nunavut Department of Health, Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada; §Northwest Territories Department of Health and Social Services, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada; ¶Yukon Health and Social Services, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada; #National Centre for Streptococcus, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; **National Microbiology Laboratory, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada;

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Table 2

Cases and annualized incidence rate per 100,000 population of Invasive Haemophilus influenzae type a disease by age and ethnicity, 2000–2005*

Demographic group Total no. (range/y); rate (range/100,000/y) Alaska, no. cases (rate) Northern Canada, no. cases (rate) p value*
Overall 42 (4–9); 0.9 (0.5–1.2) 11 (0.3) 31 (3.9) <0.001
<2 y of age 30 (1–8) ;19.7 (4.0–31.4) 7 (5.7) 23 (79.1) <0.001
Indigenous 35 (4–8); 2.9 (2.0–4.0) 8 (1.1) 27 (5.9) <0.001
<2 y of age, indigenous 29 (1–8); 52.6 (11.2–86.2) 7 (20.9) 22 (101.9) <0.001

*p value for rate, Alaska vs. northern Canada.

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1International Circumpolar Surveillance Hia Working Group: Michael G. Bruce, Dana Bruden, Carolynn DeByle, Marcella Harker-Jones, Tom Hennessy, Kim Boyd Hummel, Debby Hurlburt, Alan J. Parkinson, Debby Parks, Helen Peters, Alisa Reasonover, Tammy Zulz, (CDC); Shelley L. Deeks, Christine Navarro, Raymond Tsang (Public Health Agency of Canada); Carolina Palacios, Isaac Sobel (Nunavut Department of Health); Cheryl Case, Andre Corriveau (Northwest Territories Department of Health and Social Services); Colleen Hemsley, Bryce Larke (Yukon Health and Social Services); Marguerite Lovgren, Gregory Tyrell (National Centre for Streptococcus, Edmonton); Louise Jette, Louise Ringuette (Quebec Public Health Laboratory)