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Volume 14, Number 3—March 2008


KI and WU Polyomaviruses in Children, France

Vincent Foulongne*Comments to Author , Natalie Brieu*, Eric Jeziorski*, Amandine Chatain*, Michel Rodière*, and Michel Segondy*
Author affiliations: *Montpellier University Hospital, Montpellier, France;

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Clinical findings for 13 children infected with WU polyomavirus and 3 children infected with KI polyomavirus*

Sex/age, mo Copathogen Fever, °C CRP, mg/L SaO2, % WBC, x 103 cells/µL Chest radiograph
findings Diagnosis Clinical signs and symptoms
WU polyomavirus
M/2 37.9 8.3 NA 9.4 Hyperinflation Pneumonia Cough, dyspnea
M/12 39.2 112.0 NA 18.2 Hyperinflation, interstitial infiltrate Bronchiolitis Cough, dyspnea
F/20 38.7 56.0 NA 13.7 Hyperinflation Atypical pneumonia Cough, respiratory distress, diarrhea
F/12 37.8 15.0 96 12.3 Hyperinflation Bronchiolitis Cough, dyspnea, pharyngitis
M/10 39.0 90.3 NA 18.0 Normal Idiopathic fever Fever
F/14 38.9 20.8 95 11.0 Hyperinflation, interstitial infiltrate Atypical pneumonia Cough, wheezing, dyspnea
F/10 RSV 38.0 14.0 NA 17.2 Hyperinflation, interstitial infiltrate Bronchiolitis Cough, respiratory distress, dyspnea
M/6 RSV 38.0 NA 89 NA Hyperinflation Bronchiolitis Respiratory distress, wheezing
M/48 HMPV 36.8 15.0 94 13.0 Hyperinflation Asthma Cough, respiratory distress
M/24 37.0 23.0 98 13.9 Hyperinflation Asthma Cough, respiratory distress
M/2 38.5 38.5 70 16.0 Normal Idiopathic fever Cough, fever
M/11 HBoV 39.0 5.5 94 6.2 Interstitial infiltrate Atypical pneumonia Cough, fever

Alveolar syndrome
Congenital myopathy
Respiratory distress
KI polyomavirus
M/10 RSV, HMPV 39.0 NA NA NA Hyperinflation Bronchiolitis Cough, wheezing, otitis, diarrhea
M/30 39.2 <5.0 NA 11.0 Interstitial infiltrate Influenza-like pneumonia Cough, dyspnea, otitis, sore throat
M/18 38.9 23.0 96 14.8 Hyperinflation, atelectasis Asthma Cough, dyspnea, wheezing

*CRP, C-reactive protein; SaO2, oxygen saturation; WBC, white blood cells; NA, not available; HMPV, human metapneumovirus; RSV, respiratory syncytial virus; HBoV, human bocavirus.

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