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Volume 14, Number 4—April 2008


Reassortant Avian Influenza Virus (H5N1) in Poultry, Nigeria, 2007

Isabella Monne*1, Tony M. Joannis†1, Alice Fusaro*, Paola De Benedictis*, Lami H. Lombin†, Husseini Ularamu†, Anthony Egbuji†, Poman Solomon†, Tim U. Obi‡, Giovanni Cattoli*, and Ilaria Capua*Comments to Author 

Author affiliations: *Viale dell’Università, Legnaro, Padova, Italy; †National Veterinary Research Institute, Plateau State, Vom, Nigeria; ‡University of Ibadan, Oya State, Ibadan, Nigeria

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Table 1

List of influenza virus (H5N1) samples analyzed in poultry, Nigeria, 2007

Virus Group State of isolation Date of isolation
A/chicken/Nigeria/1071-1/2007 EMA1/EMA2-2:6-R07 Plateau Jan 2
A/chicken/Nigeria/1071-3/2007 EMA2 Sokoto Jan 5
A/chicken/Nigeria/1071-4/2007 EMA1/EMA2-2:6-R07 Borno Jan 5
A/chicken/Nigeria/1071-5/2007 EMA1/EMA2-2:6–R07 Plateau Jan 6
A/chicken/Nigeria/1071-7/2007 EMA2 Sokoto Jan 10
A/chicken/Nigeria/1071-9/2007 EMA1/EMA2-2:6-R07 Bauchi Jan 12
A/chicken/Nigeria/1071-10/2007 EMA1/EMA2-2:6-R07 Anambra Jan 13
A/chicken/Nigeria/1071-15/2007 EMA1/EMA2-2:6-R07 Kaduna Jan 23
A/chicken/Nigeria/1071-22/2007 EMA1/EMA2-2:6-R07 Kano Jan 31
A/duck/Nigeria/1071-23/2007 EMA1/EMA2-2:6-R07 Borno Feb 1
A/chicken/Nigeria/1071-29/2007 EMA1/EMA2-2:6-R07 Lagos Feb 9
A/chicken/Nigeria/1071-30/2007 EMA1/EMA2-2:6-R07 Kaduna Feb 10

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1These authors contributed equally to this article.