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Volume 14, Number 5—May 2008


Transmission of Avian Influenza Virus (H3N2) to Dogs

Daesub Song*1, Bokyu Kang*1, Chulseung Lee*, Linda J. Saif†, Gunwoo Ha‡, Dongseok Kang‡, Seongjun Park§, Bongkyun Park§, and Jinsik Oh‡Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *Green Cross Veterinary Products Company, Ltd., Yong-in, South Korea; †Daewoong Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd., Yong-in, South Korea; ‡Animal Genetics, Inc., Suwon, South Korea; §Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea;

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Homology of the genes of A/canine/Korea/01/2007 influenza virus (H3N2) isolated in South Korea with related sequences in GenBank*

Gene† Virus with the highest identity Source Identity, % Accession no.
HA A/chicken/Korea/S6/2003 (H3N2) Avian 96.6 AY862607
NA A/dove/Korea/S11/2003 (H3N2) Avian 97.4 AY862644
PB1 A/duck/Yangzhou/02/2005 (H8N4) Avian 98.9 EF061124
PB2 A/duck/Zhejiang/11/2000 (H5N1) Avian 97.6 AY585523
PA A/duck/Hokkaido/120/2001 (H6N2) Avian 95.9 AB286878
NP A/duck/Hong Kong/Y439/97 (H9N2) Avian 95.5 AF156406
M A/duck/Jiang Xi/1850/2005 (H5N2) Avian 97.5 EF597295
NS A/chicken/Nanchang/7-010/2000 (H3N6) Avian 97.5 AY180648

*Influenza virus lineage of all RNA segments is avian.
†HA, hemagglutinin, NA, neuraminidase; PB, polymerase basic protein; PA, polymerase acidic protein; NP, nucleocapsid protein; M, matrix protein, NS, nonstructural protein.

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1These authors contributed equally to this article.