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Volume 14, Number 6—June 2008


Population-Attributable Risk Estimates for Risk Factors Associated with Campylobacter Infection, Australia

Russell J. Stafford*†Comments to Author , Philip J. Schluter‡†, Andrew J. Wilson*†, Martyn D. Kirk§, Gillian Hall¶, Leanne Unicomb¶#, and the OzFoodNet Working Group
Author affiliations: *Queensland Health, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; †University of Queensland, Brisbane; ‡Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand; §OzFoodNet, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia; ¶Australian National University, Canberra; #OzFoodNet, Wallsend, New South Wales, Australia1In addition to some of the authors, the OzFoodNet Working Group for this study included Craig Dalton, Tony Merritt, Rosie Ashbolt, Cameron Sault, Joy Gregory, Robert Bell, Rod Givney, Jane Raupach, Barry Combs, Lillian Mwanri, Jennie Musto, Nola Tomaska, Geoff Millard, Mohinder Sarna, Geoff Hogg, Craig Williams, Janet Li, Karin Lalor, Nittita Prasopa-Plazier, Lyn Mueleners, and Ian McKay.;

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Table 2

PAR proportions with 95% CIs and community estimates with 95% CrIs for exposures associated with an increased risk for Campylobacter infection in persons >5 y of age, Australia, 2001–2002*†

Risk factorNo. case-patientsProportion of case-patients (pi)aORPAR, %95% CIEstimated no. community case-patients95% CrI
Food exposures
Chicken consumption
No chicken1100.155Reference
Chicken, cooked5280.7431.421.20.0–36.935,5000–83,500
Chicken, undercooked730.1034.78.15.2–11.115,0006,000–26,500
Offal consumption
Nonfood exposures
Dogs (domestic)
No dog3970.473Reference
Dog <6 mo of age480.0572.12.90.3–4.85,000500–11,500
Dog ≥6 mo of age3940.471.2
Chickens (domestic)
No domestic chickens7830.926Reference
Chickens <6 mo of age180.02112.41.90.9–2.93,5001,000–7,000
Chickens ≥6 mo of age450.0531.7

*PAR, population-attributable risk; CI, confidence interval; CrI, credible interval.
†Calculated from adjusted odds ratios (aOR) derived from the final multivariable logistic regression model.

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