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Volume 14, Number 7—July 2008


Toxinotype V Clostridium difficile in Humans and Food Animals

Michael A. Jhung*Comments to Author , Angela D. Thompson*, George E. Killgore*, Walter E. Zukowski†, Glenn Songer‡, Michael Warny§, Stuart Johnson†¶, Dale N. Gerding†¶, L. Clifford McDonald*, and Brandi M. Limbago*
Author affiliations: *Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; †Hines Veterans Affairs Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, USA; ‡University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA; §Acambis, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA; ¶Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, Chicago;

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Table 1

Clinical epidemiology of human toxinotype V Clostridium difficile cases, 1989–2006*

Origin Location Sex Age, y Antimicrobial agents† Etiology Diagnosis date Disposition
1 R Pennsylvania F 75 Yes HCFA 2001 May 2 Died
2 R Illinois M 54 Yes CA 2003 Jul 24 Sent home
3 R Iowa F 71 Yes HCFA 2004 Jul 29 Sent home
4 R Texas M 56 Yes HCFA 2004 Nov 5 Sent home
5 R Connecticut F 85 Yes HCFA 2004 Nov 21 Died
6 R Georgia M 72 Yes CA 2005 Feb 8 Sent home
7 R Connecticut F 78 No IND 2005 Jun 18 Sent home
8 R Massachusetts M 51 Yes CA 2006 Jan 20 Died‡
1 P Minnesota M NA Yes HCFA 1989 Apr 26 Unknown
2 P Arizona NA NA Unknown Unknown 1991 Unknown
3 P Illinois M 71 Unknown CA 1995 Mar 28 Unknown
4 P Illinois M 71 Yes HCFA 1995 Apr 5 Unknown
5 P Belgium NA NA Unknown Unknown <1996 Unknown
6 P Illinois M 73 Yes CA 1999 Sep 21 Sent home
7 P Illinois M 60 Yes CA 1999 Nov 24 Sent home

*R, recent; P, past; HCFA, healthcare facility–associated; CA, community-associated; IND, indeterminate (patient with symptom onset <48 h of admission to healthcare facility and 4–12 wks since discharge from previous admission); NA, not available.
†History of antimicrobial drug use within 30 d before C. difficile–associated disease (CDAD) diagnosis.
‡Death attributed to CDAD.

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