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Volume 14, Number 9—September 2008


Regulatory Systems for Prevention and Control of Rabies, Japan

Hiromi Takahashi-OmoeComments to Author , Katsuhiko Omoe, and Nobuhiko Okabe
Author affiliations: National Institute of Science and Technology Policy, Tokyo, Japan (H. Takahashi-Omoe); Iwate University, Iwate, Japan (K. Omoe); National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Tokyo, Japan (N. Okabe)

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Table 3

Animals subject to quarantine and/or examination for rabies before importation into Japan

Law or regulation Animals subject to quarantine Animals requiring a health certificate Animals banned from importation
Rabies Prevention Law (Regulations for Import and Export Quarantine of Dogs and Other Designated Animals*) Dogs, cats, raccoons, foxes, skunks
Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control Law Cattle, horses, sheep, goats, swine
Law concerning the Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Medical Care for Patients with Infectious Diseases Monkeys used for research and exhibition, under specified conditions only Chinese ferret badgers, bats, raccoon dogs, masked palm civets, prairie dogs, Mastomys natalensis rats, monkeys except those to be used for research or exhibition
Notification System for the Importation of Animals† Terrestrial mammals except for Artiodactyla (e.g., cattle, sheep, goats); Perissodactyla (e.g., horses); Lagomorpha (e.g., rabbits); dogs, cats, raccoons, foxes, skunks, monkeys

*This regulation is authorized by the Rabies Prevention Law.
†This regulation is authorized by the Law Concerning the Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Medical Care for Patients with Infectious Diseases.

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