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Volume 14, Number 9—September 2008


Questions on Mediterranean Spotted Fever a Century after Its Discovery

Clarisse Rovery, Philippe Brouqui, and Didier RaoultComments to Author 
Author affiliations: Unité des Rickettsies, Marseille, France;

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Table 1

Historical reports of MSF*

Year Discovery Authors†
1910 Description of the “fièvre boutonneuse de Tunisie” (7 cases) Conor and Bruch
1925 Description of a cluster of MSF (8 cases) in Marseille, France, during the summer Olmer
1927 Description of the inoculation eschar, the tache noire (black spot). Description of the disease associating fever, spots, and eschar as “Marseille fever” Boinet and Pieri
1930 Experimental transmission of the disease by the brown dog tick Durand and Conseil
1932 Demonstration of the transstadial and transovarian transmission of the agent of MSF in ticks. Demonstration of Rickettsia in infected ticks Blanc and Caminopetros
1932 Isolation of the Rickettsia causing MSF in the vagina of infected guinea pigs and in infected ticks; named R. conorii Brumpt
1982 First description of cases of malignant MSF Raoult

*MSF, Mediterranean spotted fever.
†First or senior authors.

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