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Volume 14, Number 9—September 2008


Host Range and Genetic Diversity of Arenaviruses in Rodents, United Kingdom

Kim R. Blasdell, Stuart D. Becker, Jane Hurst, Mike Begon, and Malcolm BennettComments to Author 
Author affiliations: University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK;

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Table 2

Percentage nucleotide identities between the study sample sequences (all and from the captive colony only) and previously isolated LCMV and Lassa virus sequences*

Sequence All study sequences, % Captive colony sequences only, %
All study sequences 93.6–100 NS
Captive colony sequences only NS 97.4–100
LCMV CIPV76001 Pasteur (AF095783; France) 78.7–80.5 78.7–80.5
LCMV CIP97001 (AF079517; France) 79.4– 83.1 80.9–83.1
LCMV Marseille (DQ286931; France) 82.8– 83.9 82.8–83.5
LCMV CH5871 (AF325215; Germany) 81.6–83.1 81.6–83.1
LCMV CH5692 (AF325214; Germany) 81.3–82.8 81.3–82.8
LCMV MX (EU195888; Slovakia) 78.7–80.5 78.7–80.5
LCMV Armstrong (M20869; USA) 82.8– 85.8 83.9–85.8
LCMV WE (M22138) 82.0–84.3 82.0–84.3
Lassa LP (AF181853) 58.1–59.9 58.8–59.9

*LCMV, lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus; NS, not shown.

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