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Volume 15, Number 1—January 2009


Enterovirus 71 Outbreak, Brunei

Sazaly AbuBakarComments to Author , I-Ching Sam, Jaliha Yusof, Meng Keang Lim, Suzana Misbah, Poh-Sim Hooi, and NorAziyah MatRahim
Author affiliations: University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (S. AbuBakar, I-C. Sam, S. Misbah, N. MatRahim, P.-S. Hooi); Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha Hospital, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam (J. Yusof, M.K. Lim)

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Table 2

Reference enterovirus 71 sequences used for phylogenetic analysis*

Isolate GenBank accession no. Subgenogroup Origin Year Clinical details Reference
BrCr-CA-70 U22521 A USA 1970 Encephalitis (11)
S11051-SAR-98 AF376081 C1 Sarawak 1998 HFMD (6)
1M-AUS-12-00 AF376098 C1 Australia 2000 HFMD (6)
2M-AUS-3-99 AF376103 C2 Australia 1999 Myelitis (6)
2644-AUS-95 AF135949 C2 Australia 1995 NA (11)
KOR-EV71-09 AY125973 C3 South Korea 2000 NA UD
KOR-EV71-10 AY125974 C3 South Korea 2000 NA UD
F2-CHN-00 AB115491 C4 China 2000 NA UD
H26-CHN-00 AB115493 C4 China 2000 NA UD
1091S/VNM/05 AM490143 C5 Vietnam 2005 NA (10)
999T/VNM/05 AM490163 C5 Vietnam 2005 NA (10)
2609-AUS-74 AF135886 B1 Australia 1974 Meningitis (11)
2258-CA-79 AF135880 B1 USA 1979 Tremors (11)
7673-CT-87 AF009535 B2 USA 1987 NA (11)
2222-IA-88 AF009540 B2 USA 1988 Fever (11)
MY104-9-SAR-97 AF376072 B3 Sarawak 1997 Cardiogenic shock (6)
26M-AUS-2-99 AF376101 B3 Australia 1999 HFMD (6)
1067-Yamagata-00 AB213625 B4 Japan 2000 HFMD (8)
2027-SIN-01 AF376111 B4 Singapore 1997 Acute flaccid paralysis (6)
CN04104-SAR-00 AF376067 B4 Sarawak 2000 HFMD (6)
5511-SIN-00 AF376121 B5 Singapore 2000 HFMD (6)
2716-Yamagata-03 AB177816 B5 Japan 2003 HFMD (8)
2419-Yamagata-03 AB213647 B5 Japan 2003 HFMD (8)
S19841-SAR-03 AY258310 B5 Sarawak 2003 NA UD
SB12869-SAR-03 AY905545 B5 Sarawak 2003 NA (3)

*HFMD, hand, foot, and mouth disease; NA, not available; UD, unpub. data.

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