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Volume 15, Number 1—January 2009


Novel Human Rotavirus Genotype G5P[7] from Child with Diarrhea, Cameroon

Mathew D. Esona1Comments to Author , Annelise Geyer1, Krisztian Banyai, Nicola Page1, Maryam Aminu1, George E. Armah1, Jennifer Hull, Duncan A. Steele1, Roger I. Glass, and Jon R. Gentsch
Author affiliations: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (M.D. Esona, J. Hull, J. Gentsch); University of Limpopo, Pretoria, South Africa (A. Geyer); Association of Public Health Laboratories, Washington, DC, USA (K. Banyai); National Institute for Communicable Diseases, Johannesburg, South Africa (N. Page); Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria (M. Aminu); Noguchi Memorial Research Institute, Accra, Ghana (G.E. Armah); Program for Appropriate Technology in Health, Seattle, Washington, USA (D.A. Steele); National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA (R.I. Glass);

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Table 1

Primers used for amplification and sequencing of rotavirus genes

Primer* Sequence (5′ → 3′)† Gene‡ Nucleotide position, strand Amplicon size, bp Strain Reference
MDEVP1F AAT CAC AAT CTG CAG TTC AAA VP1 68–­89, + 337 Ku This article
MDEVP1R AAT GAA TCA GTG TAT TCT TCG VP1 405–384, – Ku This article
MDEVP2F CTG ACA AAG TGC TAT CAC A VP2 156–175, + 300 Ku This article
MDEVP2R AGG TAA TTG TCT TGG TTC VP2 456–438, – Ku This article
MDEVP3F TTG CTA GAT TGT CAA ATC GTG VP3 597–618, + 327 Ku This article
MDEVP3R AAT AAG ATG GAG CTG AAC C VP3 924–905, – Ku This article
MDENSP1F GAG ACC RTC AAC TCC TAC YAA NSP1 120–141, + 344 Wa This article
MDENSP1R ATT GTA AYG TTA TTG GCA T NSP1 464–445, – Wa This article
MDENSP2F GCT TGC TTT TGT TAT CCT NSP2 58–76, + 327 Ku This article
MDENSP2R ATT TTC CAA ATG TCT AAC AG NSP2 385–365, – Ku This article
MDENSP3F GCC ACT TCA ACA TTA GAA NSP3 101–119, + 303 Ku This article
MDENSP3R TAC ACT AAA ACA AGC ATT AAG NSP3 404–383, – Ku This article
MDENSP5F AGC GCT ACA GTG ATG TCT CT NSP5 10–29, + 337 Ku This article
MDENSP5R CCA TTT GAT CGC ACC CA NSP5 347–330, – Ku This article
JRG30 GGC TTT TAA AAG TTC TGT T NSP4 1–19, + 737 Wa This article
JRG31 ACC ATT CCT TCC ATT AAC NSP4 738–721, – Wa This article
Con3 TGG CTT CGC TCA TTT ATA GAC A VP4 11–32, + 876 Ku (5)
Con2 ATT TCG GAC CAT TTA TAA CC VP4 887–868, – Ku (5)
9con1-L TA GCT CCT TTT AAT GTA TGG TAT VP7 37–59, + 896 Wa Modified from (6)
VP7-Rdeg GAC GGV GCR ACT ACA TGG T VP7 933–914, – Wa Modified from (7)
VP6-F GAC GGV GCR ACT ACA TGG T VP6 747–766, + 379 (8)
VP6-R GTC CAA TTC ATN CCT GGT G VP6 1126–1106, – (8)

*F, forward; R, reverse.
†R, A or G; Y, C or T; V, A, C, or G; N, A, C, G, or T.
‡VP, structural protein; NSP, nonstructural protein.

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1Member of the African Rotavirus Network.