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Volume 15, Number 11—November 2009

Multicenter EuroTravNet/GeoSentinel Study of Travel-related Infectious Diseases in Europe

Philippe Gautret, Patricia Schlagenhauf, Jean Gaudart, Francesco Castelli, Philippe Brouqui, Frank von Sonnenburg, Louis Loutan, Philippe ParolaComments to Author , and for the GeoSentinel Surveillance Network12
Author affiliations: Assitance Publique–Hôpitaux de Marseille, Marseille, France (P. Gautret, P. Brouqui, P. Parola); Zurich University Centre for Travel Medicine, Zurich, Switzerland (P. Schlagenhauf); Faculty of Medicine of Marseille, Marseille (J. Gaudart); University of Brescia, Brescia, Italy (F. Castelli); Ludwig Maximilians Universität of Munich, Munich, Germany (F. von Sonnenburg); Geneva University Hospitals, Geneva, Switzerland (L. Loutan)

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Table 1

Categories of ill European* returned travelers seen at GeoSentinel sites, 1997–2007

Category Definition
Classic traveler European country–born person living in Europe who traveled to a developing country and has returned to his or her home country.
Immigrant traveler Person born in a developing country who at some time has emigrated to Europe,† including refugees, where a permanent residence has been established, and who later travels to a developing country and returns to Europe.
Expatriate traveler European-born person who grew up in Europe and whose current country of residence is a developing country. They were included when they sought treatment at a GeoSentinel site after they returned to Europe and/or after travel while still expatriating.

*From Western Europe (19).
†Patients whose purpose of travel was the initial immigration travel from their birth country to Europe were excluded.

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1A list of GeoSentinel Surveillance Network members who also contributed data is given at the end of this article.

2The GeoSentinel sites in Europe have recently grouped together within GeoSentinel to form the core sites of EuroTravNet (, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control corresponding network for tropical and travel medicine.

1These members of the GeoSentinel Surveillance Network also contributed data: François Chappuis, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland; Giampiero Carosi, University of Brescia, Brescia, Italy; Fabrice Simon and Jean Delmont, Hôpital Nord, Marseille, France; Gerd-Dieter Burchard, Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for Tropical Medicine, Hamburg, Germany; Rainer Weber and Robert Steffen, University of Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland; Mogens Jensenius, Ullevål University Hospital, Oslo, Norway; Effrossyni Gkrania-Klotsas, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, UK; and Vanessa Field, InterHealth, London, UK. These additional members contributed data for Europeans nonresident in Europe: Prativa Pandey, Canadian International Water and Energy Consultants Clinic Travel Medicine Center, Kathmandu, Nepal; Susan MacDonald, Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics, Beijing, People’s Republic of China; Poh Lian Lim and Annelies Wilder-Smith, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore; Graham Brown, Joseph Torresi, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; Marc Shaw, Worldwise Travellers Health and Vaccination Centre, Auckland, New Zealand; Alejandra Gurtman, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York City, New York, USA (2002 Oct–2005 Aug only); Robert Muller, Travel Clinic Services, Johannesburg, South Africa (2004 May–2005 Jun only); Phyllis E. Kozarsky and Carlos Franco-Paredes, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Jay S. Keystone and Kevin C. Kain, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Dominique Meisch, International SOS Clinic, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Robert Kass, Travellers Medical and Vaccination Centres of Australia, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia (1997 Dec–2001 Mar only); Eli Schwartz, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel; Bradley A. Connor, Cornell University, New York, New York, USA; N. Jean Haulman, Davie Roesel, and Elaine C. Jong, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA; Watcharapong Piyaphanee and Udomsak Silachamroon, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand; R. Bradley Sack and Robin McKenzie, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA (1997 Dec–2007 Aug only); Cecilia Perret and Francisca Valdivieso, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile; Sarah Borwein, Central Health Medical Practice, Hong Kong SAR, China; Carmelo Licitra and Antonio Crespo, Orlando Regional Health Center, Orlando, Florida, USA; Lin H. Chen and Mary E. Wilson, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA; Thomas B. Nutman and Amy D. Klion, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA; Vernon Ansdell, Kaiser Permanente, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA (1997 Oct–2003 Jan only); DeVon C. Hale and Stefanie S. Gelman, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; and Hiroko Sagara, Yokohama Municipal Citizen's Hospital, Yokohama, Japan.

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