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Volume 15, Number 12—December 2009


Genomic Signatures of Influenza A Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Virus

Guang-Wu ChenComments to Author  and Shin-Ru Shih
Author affiliations: Chang Gung University, Taoyuan, Taiwan, Republic of China

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Table 1

Amino acid residues of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus strains at 47 positions where avian–human signatures are located*

Gene Position Avian virus residue Human virus residue Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus residue
PB2 44 A(2,838), S(39), T(1) S(2,734), A(30), L(2) A(61)
199 A(2,816), S(22), D(4), T(2), V(1) S(2,781), A(8) A(61)
271 T(2,758), I(47), A(21), M(5), Q(1) A(2,770), T(15), S(1) A(61)
475 L(3,355), M(25), I(1) M(2,747), L(8), I(1) L(61)
567 D(3,116), E(257), N(18), V(3), G(3), A(2), K(1) N(2,736), D(18), S(1) D(61)
588 A(3,175), T(91), I(72), V(43), S(3), P(1), D(1) I(2,734), A(8), V(6),T(4), L(1), S(1) T(61)
613 V(3,343), A(29), I(19) T(2,651), I(71), A(23), V(9), S(1) V(61)
627 E(3,113), K(228), V(46), A(2), G(2) K(2,746), E(6), R(3) E(61)

K(3,232), R(131), Q(1)
R(2,731), K(22), G(1), I(1)
PB1 327 R(3,340), K(54), G(1) K(2,489), R(275) R(80)

V(3,350), I(26), A(16)
I(2,595), V(168), T(1)
PA 28 P(2,915), S(7), L(5), T(1) L(2,736), P(19), R(2), S(2), Q(1) P(61)
55 D(2,906), N(29) N(2,752), D(13) D(61)
57 R(2,849), Q(77), K(4), W(3), L(2) Q(2,736), R(20), L(6), K(3) R(61)
100 V(2,759), A(109), I(68), F(1) A(2,727), V(27), T(7), I(2), S(1) V(61)
225 S (2,854), N(7), C(6), G(1) C(2,736), S(29), G(1) S(61)
268 L(3,317), F(14), I(2), V(1) I(2,724), L(35), V(2) L(61)
356 K(3,309), R(34), N(7), E(1), I (1) R(2,705), K(30) R(61)
404 A(3,098), S(220), T(10), P(4), R(1), V(1) S(2,706), A(28), P(1) A(61)
409 S(3,100), N(191), G(4), I(1), R(1), K(1) N(2,723), S(11), I(1) N(61)

T(3,304), A(1), N(1)
S(2,721), T(10), N(2), R(1), I(1)
NP 16 G(3,379), S(58), D(8), C(1) D(2,884), G(16) G(120), D(1)
33 V(3,173), I(284), A(1), D(1) I(2,876), V(25) I(121)
61 I(3,419), M(30), V(19), L(6) L(2,881), I(19) I(121)
100 R(3,422), K(34), V(23), S(1) V(2,842), I(52), R(4), A(3), L(1), M(1) V(68), I(46)
109 I(3,407), V(48), T(22), M(2), S(1) V(2,820), I(77), A(3), T(3) I(114)
214 R(3,282), K(52), T(3), L(1) K(2,897), R(25) R(114)
283 L(3,309), F(4), P(3), I(3) P(3,062), L(19), S(3) L(114)
293 R(3,275), K(40) K(3,020), R(65) R(114)
305 R(3,238), K(32), S(2) K(3,052), R(33) K(114)
313 F(3,191), L(43), S(10), Y(1), C(1), I(1) Y(3,064), F(21) V(114)
357 Q(2,766), K(33), T(3), R(2) K(3,052), R(46), Q(5) K(114)
372 E(2,742), D(69), G(3), K(2) D(3,051),E(51), N(1) E(114)
422 R(2,818), K(2) K(2,891), R(51) R(114)
442 T(2,793), S(12), A(5) A(2,890), T(51), R(1) T(114)

D(2,792), N(3), E(1)
E(2,890), D(51), T(1)
M1 115 V(3,794), I(15), G(2), L(2), M(1) I(3,586), V(19) V(151)
121 T(3,684), A(126), P(4) A(3,599), T(7) T(151)

T(3,806), D(12), A(8), P(1), S(1)
A(3,577), T(25)
M2 11 T(2,890), I(190), S(8), E(1) I(3,805),T(102) T(55)
20 S(3,032),N(76), K(12), R(3), I(2) N(3,859), S(49) S(55)
57 Y(3,040), H(5), N(1), C(1) H(3,804),Y(65), D(25), Q(5), R(5), N(4) Y(55)
86 V(2,894), A(6), I(4), D(1), L(1), F(1), S(1) A(3,781), V(26), T(10), D(1) V(55)

N(2,710), T(13), D(3), H(3), S(3), Y(2), I(1)
S(3,699), N(69), Q(2), R(1), H(1), I(1)
NS1 81 I(2,652), V(43), T(8), M(2), S(1), Y(1), G(1) M(2,860), I(59), V(4) I(93)

E(3,080), G(60), K(31), S(1)
R(2,863), G(8), K(2), W(1), E(1)
NS2 107 L(3,147), P(2), S(2), F(1), Q(1) F(2,850), L(45), S(1), V(1) L(93)

*Boldface indicates dominant amino acid residue type. PB, polymerase B; PA, polymerase A; NP, nucleoprotein; M, matrix; NS nonstructural.

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