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Volume 15, Number 3—March 2009


Sudden Increases in Listeriosis Rates in England and Wales, 2001 and 2003

Benjamin J. CairnsComments to Author  and Robert J.H. Payne
Author affiliations: University of Bristol, Bristol, UK

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Table 1

Coefficient names and descriptions for the best-fit negative binomial generalized linear model of listeriosis incidence

Variable Coefficient description
(Intercept) Log of overall monthly no. cases in March 2001
GEAPR01 Change in log cases (April 2001)
GEMAR03 Change in log cases (March 2003)
MEANTEMP Log cases/°C 30-year mean temperature of the current month
MEANTEMP1 Log cases/°C 30-year mean temperature of the previous month
MONTHNUM Overall linear trend of log cases/month
ANOMALY1 Overall log cases/°C previous month’s temperature anomaly
ANOMALY1×GEAPR01 Change in log cases/°C previous month's temperature anomaly from April 2001
θ (theta) Negative binomial response distribution size parameter

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