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Volume 15, Number 5—May 2009


Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus ST398 from Human Patients, Upper Austria

Karina KrziwanekComments to Author , Sigrid Metz-Gercek, and Helmut Mittermayer
Author affiliations: Austrian National Reference Centre for Nosocomial Infections and Antibiotic Resistance, Linz, Austria

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Clinical MRSA isolates of clonal lineage ST398, Upper Austria, January 2006–May 2008*

Isolate spa type SCCmec group Resistance Patient age, y/ sex Sample source Diagnosis Infected or colonized Hospitalized Profession, direct animal contact
2753 t2346 V CLI, DOX, ERY 1/M Throat Pyodermatitis I (SST) Yes Grandson of pig farmer (son of 2754), yes
2064 t011 V CLI, DOX, ERY 54/M Wound smear Gouty tophus I (SST) Yes Pig farmer, yes
3190 t011 V CLI, DOX, ERY 48/M Wound smear Decubitus ulcers I (SST) Yes Construction worker, no
3332 t011 V DOX 64/M Wound smear, joint puncture fluid Joint empyema I (BJ) Yes Pig farmer, yes
3509 t011 V DOX 80/M BAL COPD I (pneumonia) Yes Caster, unknown
1960 t011 V DOX 62/M Screening conjunctival swab Paroxysmal tachycardia C Yes (ICU) Farmer, yes
2023 t011 V CLI, DOX, ERY 68/M Screening wound smear Peripheral arterial occlusive disease C Yes Pig farmer, yes
2167 t011 V DOX 47/M Screening tracheal secretion Epidural hematoma C Yes (ICU) Agricultural worker, yes
2256 t011 V DOX 73/M Screening wound smear Ulcus cruris C Yes Cattle and pig farmer, yes
2726 t034 IV 50/M Screening nose swab Pneumothorax C Yes Unknown
2754 t2346 V CLI, DOX, ERY 33/F Screening nose, throat swab Premature delivery C No Daughter of pig farmer, yes
2770 t011 V CLI, DOX, ERY 81/F Screening wound smear Ulcus cruris C No Farmer, yes
2832 t011 V CLI, DOX, ERY 79/F Screening wound smear Ulcus cruris C No Pig farmer, yes
2909 t011 V DOX 79/M Screening wound smear Ulcus cruris C No Pig farmer, yes
3078 t011 V CLI, DOX, ERY 42/M Screening nose swab Erysipelas, septicemia C Yes Farmer, yes
3195 t011 V 69/M Wound smear Intertrigo C Yes Retired farmer (hens), yes
3335 t011 V DOX 65/F Screening axilla, nose, groin Screening C No Wife of pig farmer 3332, yes
3336 t011 V DOX 32/M Nose, wound smear Screening C No Son of pig farmers 3332 and 3335, yes
3391 t011 V CLI, DOX, ERY 83/F Feces Polytrauma C Yes Retired, no
3456 t011 V DOX 69/F BAL Hemoptysis, bronchitis C Yes Cleaner, no
3008 t011 V DOX 48/F Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Farmer, yes

*MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus; SCC, staphylococcal cassette chromosome; CLI, clindamycin; DOX, doxycycline; ERY, erythromycin; I, infected; SST, skin and soft tissue infection; C, colonized; BJ, bone and joint infection; BAL, bronchioalveolar lavage; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; ICU, intensive care unit; –, no resistance found.

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