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Volume 15, Number 6—June 2009
Peer Reviewed Report Available Online Only

Stockpiling Supplies for the Next Influenza Pandemic

Lewis J. RadonovichComments to Author , Paul D. Magalian, Mary Kay Hollingsworth, and Gio Baracco
Author affiliations: North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System, Gainesville, Florida, USA (L.J. Radonovich); Miami, Florida, USA (P.D. Magalian); North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System, Lake City, Florida, USA (M.K. Hollingsworth); Miami Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, Miami (G. Baracco)

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Table 4

Estimated personnel contacts and supply requirement assumptions for each patient during a 1918-like influenza pandemic*

Type of patientPersonnel contacts
Outpatients in ED, UC, or PC clinic not requiring admissionP or NP1Disposable medical masks1
N2Home care kit†1
SW or MHC1


Outpatients in ED, UC, or PC clinic requiring admissionP or NP3Disposable medical masks1
N5Oxygen, NC1
RadT1IVF (1-L bag)1
A2IV kit1
RespT3Antipyretic drugs, DDD1
E1Antimicrobial drugs‡, DDD1

Antiviral drugs, DDD
Inpatients in general ward (non-ICU) per dayP or NP2Disposable medical mask
N6Oxygen, NC or FM1
RespT6Antipyretic drugs, DDD4
SW or MHC1Antimicrobial drugs‡, DDD1–3
RadT1Antiviral drugs, DDD3
Ptech1IVF (1-L bag)3


IV kit
Inpatients in ICU not receiving mechanical ventilator per dayP or NP4Oxygen, NC, or FM1
N24Albuterol nebulization with masks6
RespT12Antipyretic drugs, DDD4
SW or MHC1Antimicrobial drugs¶, DDD1
RadT2Antiviral drugs, DDD3
HK1IVF (1-L bag)3
IV kit1

Blood gas kits
Inpatients in ICU receiving mechanical ventilator per dayP or NP4Oxygen, FM, or NRB1
N24IVF (1-L bag)3
RespT6IV kit1
SW or MHC1Ventilator circuit and filters0.2
RadT2Antipyretic drugs, DDD4
HK1Antimicrobial drugs¶, DDD1
Antiviral drugs, DDD3
Suction kit1
Midazolam plus ropofol, DDD1
Vasopressors, DDD1
Proton pump inhibitors1
Morphine sulfate, DDD5
Albuterol nebulization units6
Central line kit1

*ED, emergency department; UC, urgent care; PC, primary care; P, physician; NP, nurse practitioner; N, nurse; SW, social worker; MHC, mental health counselor (or clergy); A, administrative (including clerks); NC, nasal cannula; RadT, radiology technician; IVF, intravenous fluids; IV, intravenous; DDD, defined daily dose; RespT, respiratory therapist; E, escort; ICU, intensive care unit; FM, face mask; Ptech, phlebotomy technician; HK, housekeeper; NRB, nonrebreather mask.
†A home care kit includes (VHA pan flu plan, Appendix D-4) thermometers, nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs or acetaminophen, cough suppressants, oral rehydration mix packs, a medical mask, printed home instructions about caring for someone with influenza, a list of contact information, and a list of signs or symptoms that should prompt a call or visit to a healthcare center.
‡Ceftriaxone plus azithromycin, or moxifloxacin.
§Provided in ED (1 per admission).
¶Vancomycin plus piperacillin/tazobactam.

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