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Volume 15, Number 7—July 2009


Increased Host Species Diversity and Decreased Prevalence of Sin Nombre Virus

Laurie J. DizneyComments to Author  and Luis A. Ruedas
Author affiliations: Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, USA

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Table 1

Vegetative factors measured within each site and their transformations, Portland, Oregon, USA, October 2002−September 2005

Habitat Description Transformation
Tree cover % Plot covered with trees log10 +1
Shrub cover % Plot covered with shrubs Square root
Bryophyte % Plot covered with bryophytes Square root
Bare ground % Plot that is bare ground log10 +1
Bare ground and litter % Plot that is bare ground and bare ground covered with litter Square root
Ground cover % Ground of plot that has any cover, including plants, logs, litter None
Plant ground cover % Plot that has only plant ground cover None
Coarse woody debris % Plot that is logs, stumps, snags log10 +1
Trees No. all trees log10 +1
Large trees No. trees >25 cm circumference log10 +1
Maximum tree height Tallest tree in plot None
Total shrubs No. all shrubs log10 +1
Small shrubs No. shrubs <99 cm tall Omitted
Large shrubs No. shrubs >100 cm tall Omitted
Plant species No. plant species None

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