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Volume 15, Number 9—September 2009

Gordonia sputi Bacteremia

Aurélie Renvoise, Jean-Robert Harle, Didier Raoult, and Véronique RouxComments to Author 
Author affiliations: Hôpital de la Timone, Marseille, France (A. Renvoise, D. Raoult, V. Roux); Hôpital de La Conception, Marseille (J.-R. Harle)

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Summary of clinical reports involving Gordonia spp.*

Gordonia sp. Clinical findings, by system
Vascular Cutaneous ENT Nervous Osteoarticular Respiratory
G. rubripertincta Bacteremia (CVC) (2) Lung infection (2)
G. terrae Bacteremia (cholecystitis) (5); bacteremia (CVC) (2); bacteremia (CVC) (6)† Granulomatous skin lesion (2); palpebral abscess (9); granulomatous mastitis (7); mycetoma of the hand (9) Meningitis, brain abscess (2); brain abscess (2)†
G. bronchialis Bacteremia (sequestrated lung) (4) Recurrent breast abscess (7) Ventriculitis (intraventricular shunt) (6) Sternal wound infections (2)
G. polyisoprenivorans Endocarditis (CVC) (3);† bacteremia (CVC) (3)†
G. otitidis Bacteremia (CVC) (6) Otitis externa (6) Bronchitis (8)
G. sputi Bacteremia (CVC) (2)†; endocarditis (CVC) (2); mediastinitis (surgery) (2)
G. araii Arthritis (bioabsorbable tapered screw) (10)

*ENT, ear, nose, throat; CVC, central venous catheter. Patients were immunocompetent unless otherwise noted. When infection was associated with a medical device, the device is listed in parentheses.
†Immunocompromised patient.

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