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Volume 15, Number 9—September 2009


Role of Rhinovirus C in Apparently Life-Threatening Events in Infants, Spain

Cristina CalvoComments to Author , M. Luz García, Francisco Pozo, Noelia Reyes, Pilar Pérez-Breña, and Inmaculada Casas
Author affiliations: Hospital Severo Ochoa, Leganés, Madrid, Spain (C. Calvo, M.L. García); National Center for Microbiology, Institute of Health Carlos III, Madrid (F. Pozo, N. Reyes, P. Pérez-Breña, I. Casas).

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Characteristics of infants with ALTEs, Spain, November 2004–December 2008*

Laboratory no. Sex/age, wk Admission date Clinical signs Discharge diagnosis Virus Prematurity
SO3970 M/4 2004 Nov Cough, rhinorrea, loss of consciousness, flaccidity Choking HRV-B No
SO4891 M/4 2005 Oct Cyanosis, loss of consciousness, flaccidity Cyanosis No Yes (35 wk)
SO4923 M/15 2005 Nov Apnea, flushing Cyanosis + URTI HRV-A Yes (36 wk)
SO4998 F/8 2005 Nov Choking, flushing, distress URTI + GERD HRV-B No
SO5260 F/9 2006 Apr Cough, choking GERD No No
SO5355 M/6 2006 Jun Apnea, cyanosis URTI + GERD No No
SO5529 F/4 2006 Nov Apnea, congestion, cyanosis Bronchiolitis + GERD RSV No
SO5749 M/24 2007 Mar Choking, cyanosis Wheezing No No
SO5797 F/6 2007 Mar Apnea, flushing Choking + GERD HRV-C No
SO5854 F/6 2007 Apr Cough, rhinorrea, apnea URTI + GERD HRV-C No
SO5896 M/13 2007 Sep Apnea, rhinorrea Bronchiolitis + GERD HRV-C No
SO6012 F/7 2007 Oct Cough, distress, apnea URTI RSV-A No
SO6666 M/4 2008 Oct Cyanosis, choking Choking HRV-C No
SO6813 F/6 2008 Nov Apnea, flaccidity Apnea + GERD HRV-C No
SO6819 M/6 2008 Nov Cough, rhinorrea, flushing URTI + GERD HRV-C No
SO6816 F/1 2009 Jan Choking, flushing Choking No No

*ALTEs, acute life-threatening events; URTI, upper respiratory tract infection; RSV, respiratory syncytial virus; HRV, human rhinovirus; EV, enterovirus; GERD, gastroesophageal reflux disease.

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