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Volume 16, Number 1—January 2010


Recombinant Canine Coronaviruses in Dogs, Europe

Nicola DecaroComments to Author , Viviana Mari, Gabriella Elia, Diane D. Addie, Michele Camero, Maria Stella Lucente, Vito Martella, and Canio Buonavoglia
Author affiliations: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Bari, Valenzano, Italy (N. Decaro, V. Mari, G. Elia, M. Camero, M.S. Lucente, V. Martella, C. Buonavoglia); Feline Institute Pyrenees, Etchebar, France (D.D. Addie)

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Table 2

Percent nucleotide identities in the 5′ (top right) and 3′ (bottom left) ends of the spike gene of CCoV-IIb (TGEV-like) strains from dogs in Europe, 2001–2008*

Country Italy United Kingdom Hungary Romania Overall
Italy 86.8–99.3
94.5–99.8 83.6–92.7 86.5–99.0 89.1–99.3 83.6–99.3
United Kingdom 92.7–97.0 88.5–99.6
97.6–99.8 87.8–97.0 87.8–93.1 83.6–99.6
Hungary 94.7–100 92.9–94.9 92.7–99.3
98.4–99.6 94.7–99.3 86.5–99.3
Romania 95.3–99.6 93.5–94.5 98.6–99.6 ND 87.8–99.3
Overall 92.7–100 92.7–99.8 92.9–100 93.5–99.6 83.6–99.6

*CCoV, canine coronavirus; TGEV, porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus; ND, not done because only a single strain from Romania was analyzed.

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