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Volume 16, Number 11—November 2010


Enterovirus 71 Infection with Central Nervous System Involvement, South Korea

Wi-Sun Ryu, Byunghak Kang, Jiyoung Hong, Seoyeon Hwang, Ahyoun Kim, and Jonghyun Kim
Author affiliations: Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, South Korea (W.-S. Ryu); Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Seoul (B. Kang, J. Hong, S. Hwang, A. Kim, D.S. Cheon); Catholic University College of Medicine, Suwon, South Korea (J. Kim)

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Table 2

Enterovirus 71 outbreaks, Asia*

Reference Outbreak location, year HFMD
Complicated HFMD
detected GenBank accession nos.
patients No. patients with EV71 No.
patients No. patients
with EV71
Zhang et al. (10) Fuyang, PRC, 2008 151 59 112 42 C4a EU703812–14,
Zhang et al. (11) Shandong, PRC, 2007 105 55 11 6 C4a EU753365–417
AbuBakar et al. (1) Brunei, 2006 >100 34 NA NA B4, B5 FM201328–61
Ooi et al. (12) Sarawak,
Malaysia, 2000–2004 773 277 102 56 B4, C1, B5 AY905549–50,
Lin et al. (13) Taiwan, 1998 NA NA 405 78 C2 AY055194–97,
This study South Korea, 2009 519 168 112 92 C4a, C1, C5 HM443164–644

*HFMD, hand-foot-and-mouth disease; EV71, enterovirus 71; PRC, People’s Republic of China; NA, not available.

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