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Volume 16, Number 3—March 2010

Banna Virus, China, 1987–2007

Hong Liu, Ming-Hua Li, You-Gang Zhai, Wei-Shan Meng, Xiao-Hong Sun, Yu-Xi Cao, Shi-Hong Fu, Huan-Yu Wang, Li-Hong Xu, Qing Tang, and Guo-Dong Liang
Author affiliations: Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Beijing, People’s Republic of China

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Distribution of Banna viruses in regions and vectors, China

Region Country Province Strain Origin Date of collection Vector Accession no. Reference
Temperate zone China Gansu GS07-KD12 Cow barn 2007 Aug Anopheles sinensis GQ331954 This study
GS07-KD15 Cow barn 2007 Aug Culex tritaeniorhynchus GQ331955 This study
GS07-KD16 Cow barn 2007 Aug Cx. pipiens pallens GQ331956 This study
GS07-KD18 Cow barn 2007 Aug An. sinensis GQ331957 This study
GS07-KD27 Piggery 2007 Aug Cx. tritaeniorhychus GQ331958 This study
GS07-KD29 Piggery 2007 Aug Aedes albopictus GQ331959 This study
GS07-KD30 Piggery 2007 Aug Cx. pipiens pallens GQ331960 This study
GS07-KD32 Piggery 2007 Aug Cx. pipiens pallens GQ331961 This study
GS07-KD38 Piggery 2007 Aug Cx. pipiens pallens GQ331962 This study
GS-KD42-2 Piggery 2006 Aug Cx. tritaeniorhychus FJ160414 (8)
Shanxi SX0765 Piggery 2007 Aug Cx. pipiens pallens GQ331963 This study
SX0766 Piggery 2007 Aug Cx. pipiens pallens GQ331964 This study
SX0767 Piggery 2007 Aug Ae. vexans GQ331965 This study
SX0771 Piggery 2007 Aug Cx. pipiens pallens GQ331966 This study
SX0789 Piggery 2007 Aug Ae. dorsalis GQ331967 This study
SX0790 Piggery 2007 Aug Ae. vexans GQ331968 This study
SX0793 Piggery 2007 Aug Cx. pipiens pallens GQ331969 This study
SX0794 Piggery 2007 Aug Ae. dorsalis GQ331970 This study
SX0795 Piggery 2007 Aug Cx. pipiens pallens GQ331971 This study
SX0796 Piggery 2007 Aug Cx. pipiens pallens GQ331972 This study
Inner Mongolia NM0706 Fishpond 2007 Aug Cx. modestus GQ331973 This study
Liaoning LN0684 Piggery 2006 Aug An. sinensis FJ217989 (11)
LN0688 Piggery 2006 Aug An. sinensis FJ217990 (11)
LN0689 Piggery 2006 Aug An. sinensis FJ217991 (11)

Unidentified mosquito
Subtropical zone China Yunnan YN-6 Unknown 2001 Unidentified mosquito AY568290 (12)
YN0556 Unknown 2005 Jul Cx. tritaeniorhychus FJ161966 (10)
YN0558 Unknown 2005 Jul Cx. tritaeniorhychus FJ161964 (10)
YN0659 Unknown 2005 Jul An. sinensis FJ161965 (10)
Vietnam Quang Binh 02VN180b Unknown 2002 Aug Cx. tritaeniorhychus EU265727 (7)
02VN178b Unknown 2002 Aug Cx. tritaeniorhychus EU265715 (7)
02VN018b Unknown 2002 Mar Cx. annulus EU265694 (7)
Ha Tay 02VN009b Unknown 2002 Jan Cx. annulus EU265682 (7)

2002 May
Cx. tritaeniorhychus
Tropical zone Indonesia Java JKT-6423 Unknown 1980 Cx. pseudovishnui NC004198 (5)
JKT-6969 Unknown 1981 Ae. vagus AF052008 (5)
JKT-7043 Unknown 1981 Cx. pipiens pallens AF052024 (5)

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