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Volume 16, Number 6—June 2010


Pulsed-field Gel Electrophoresis for Salmonella Infection Surveillance, Texas, USA, 2007

Stephen G. LongComments to Author , Herbert L. DuPont, Linda Gaul, Raouf R. Arafat, Beatrice J. Selwyn, Joan Rogers, and Eric Casey
Author affiliations: Houston Department of Health and Human Services, Houston, Texas, USA (S.G. Long, R.R. Arafat, J. Rogers); University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston (H.L. DuPont, B.J. Selwyn); St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, Houston (H.L. DuPont); Baylor College of Medicine, Houston (H.L. DuPont); Texas Department of State Health Services, Austin, Texas, USA (L. Gaul, E. Casey)

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Table 2

Ten Salmonella pulsed-field gel electrophoresis clusters among residents of Houston, Texas, USA, and 2 Houston singlet cases linked by PFGE to national outbreaks, detected May 1, 2007–December 31, 2007*

Serotype PFGE pattern, Xbal† No. cases in Houston No. other cases in DSHS database Associated national outbreak Common exposure or other link
Braenderup JBPX01.0516 2 4 PulseNet outbreak 0708HUJBP-1c Traveled or resided in southern Texas
Corvallis SCVX01.0014 2 0 Unknown
Enteritidis JEGX01.0004 13 Numerous PulseNet outbreak 0801PAJEG-1 Egg consumption
Enteritidis JEGX01.0005 6 25 Unknown
Infantis JFXX01.0022 3 5 Unknown
Infantis JFXX01.0041 5 1 Unknown
Paratyphi b var. java JKXX01.0014 4 2 PulseNet outbreak 0710NCJKX-1c (7) Contact with miniature turtles
Typhimurium JPXX01.0276 2 0 Unknown
Typhimurium JPXX01.0621 3 3 PulseNet outbreak 0801ORJPX-1c Unknown
Typhimurium JPXX01.0006 2 3 Possible bovine outbreak (multistate) 0708MLJPX-1c Unknown
Typhimurium JPXX01.1037 1 0 PulseNet outbreak 0704WIWWS-1c Packaged vegetable product‡
Typhimurium JPXX01.1354 1 1 PulseNet outbreak 0703MLJPX-2c Contact with hamsters‡

*PFGE, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis; DSHS, Texas Department of State Health Services.
†PulseNet nomenclature.
‡The case was linked by PFGE to a PulseNet cluster, but the patient denied having been exposed to the hypothesized epidemiologic link.

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