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Volume 16, Number 6—June 2010


Enterovirus Genotype EV-104 in Humans, Italy, 2008–2009

Antonio Piralla, Francesca Rovida, Fausto Baldanti, and Giuseppe GernaComments to Author 
Author affiliations: Fondazione Istituto Di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico Policlinico, San Matteo, Pavia, Italy

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Characteristics of 5 patients with HEV genotype EV-104 infection, Pavia, Italy, 2009*

Patient no. Sample no. Age, y/sex Hospital department, date of admission Respiratory secretion Ct value
Clinical symptoms Underlying disease Virus identified/ coinfecting virus (Ct)
Pav-1 NPA/9210 60/M Hematology outpatient, Apr 29.67 Undetected Fever, cough, rhinorrhea HSCT (AML) EV-104
Pav-2 NPA/9570 62/M Infectious Diseases outpatient, Apr 23.06 23.05 Chronic rhinopharyngitis None EV-104
Pav-3 NPA/11228 7/F Pediatric Oncohematology, May 33.64 Undetected Fever, rhinorrhea, conjunctivitis AML (chemotherapy) EV-104
Pav-4 NPA/11230 37/F Infectious Diseases outpatient, May 32.60 Undetected Chronic rhinopharyngitis None EV-104
Pav-5 NPA/13174 2/M Pediatric Oncohematology, Jun 23.78 31.61 Cough, rhinorrhea, diarrhea, wheezing HSCT (AML) EV-104/RSV (18.53)

*HEV, human enterovirus; Ct, cycle threshold; HRV, human rhinovirus; NPA, nasopharyngeal aspirate; HSCT, hematopoietic stem cell transplant; AML, acute myelocytic leukemia; RSV, respiratory syncytial virus.

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