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Volume 16, Number 6—June 2010


Astrovirus Encephalitis in Boy with X-linked Agammaglobulinemia

Phenix-Lan Quan, Thor A. Wagner, Thomas Briese, Troy R. Torgerson, Mady Hornig, Alla Tashmukhamedova, Cadhla Firth, Gustavo F. Palacios, Ada Baisre-De-Leon, Christopher D. Paddock, Stephen K. Hutchison, Michael Egholm, Sherif R. Zaki, James E. Goldman, Hans D. Ochs, and W. Ian LipkinComments to Author 
Author affiliations: Author affiliations: Columbia University, New York, New York, USA (P.-L. Quan, T. Briese, M. Hornig, A. Tashmukhamedova, G. Palacios, A. Baisre-De-Leon, J.E. Goldman, W.I. Lipkin); University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA (T.A. Wagner, T.R. Torgerson, H.D. Ochs); Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle (T.A. Wagner, T.R. Torgerson, H.D. Ochs); Pennsylvania State University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (C. Firth); Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (C.D. Paddock, S.R. Zaki); and 454 Life Sciences, Branford, Connecticut, USA (S.K. Hutchison, M. Egholm)

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Table 5

Genomic location of HAstV-PS contigs identified by 454 pyrosequencing and their relationship to known astroviruses*

Contiguous fragment Genome position in HAstV-PS Highest amino acid identity, % GenBank accession no.† Astrovirus species
A 238–504 52 NP_795334 Mink
B 1765–1839 64 NP_795334 Mink
C 2012–2184 67 NP_795334 Mink
D 2308–2466 42 NP_059945 Ovine
E 2763–2945 48 AAO32082 Mink
F 3360–3728 65 NP_059945 Ovine
G 4558–4679 65 NP_795336 Mink
H 4558–5140 70 NP_059946 Ovine
I 4708–4944 72 NP_795336 Mink
J 4801–5110 72 NP_059946 Ovine
K 4819–4929 76 NP_059946 Ovine
L 5104–5331 70 NP_059946 Ovine

* HAstV-PS, human astrovirus Puget Sound.
†Accession number for BLASTX ( match with highest amino acid identity (GenBank database December 2007).

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