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Volume 16, Number 6—June 2010


New Measles Virus Genotype Associated with Outbreak, China

Leyi Wang1, Zhengrong Ding1, Huiling Wang, Liqun Li, Yankun Pang, Kevin E. Brown, Songtao Xu, Zhen Zhu, Paul A. Rota, David Featherstone, and Ying DengComments to Author 
Author affiliations: National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention, Beijing, People’s Republic of China (Y. Zhang, H. Wang, S. Xu, Z. Zhu, W. Xu); Yunnan Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Kunming, People’s Republic of China (Z. Ding, L. Li, Y. Pang); Capital Medical University, Beijing (H. Wang); Beijing Children’s Hospital, Beijing (H. Wang); Health Protection Agency, London, UK (K.E. Brown); Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (P.A. Rota); World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland (D. Featherstone); 1These authors contributed equally to this study.

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Table 3

Genetic distances between proposed reference strain for genotype d11 (MVi/Menglian.Yunnan.CHN/47.09) and reference strains

WHO reference strain, genotype: virus name Genotype d11, % nucleotide divergence
Nucleoprotein gene Hemagglutinin gene
A: Edmonston-wt.USA/54 5.8 3.7
B1:Yaounde.CAE/12.83 7.3 4.7
B2: Libreville.GAB/84 7.8 5.6
B3: New York.USA/94 7.1 5.2
C1: Tokyo.JPN/84/K 6.0 3.9
C2: Maryland.USA/77 7.8 4.4
D1: Bristol.UNK/74 4.4 4.0
D2: Johannesburg.SOA/88/1 4.4 4.6
D3: Illinois.USA/89/1 4.2 3.7
D4: Montreal.CAN/89 4.7 3.0
D5: Palau.BLA/93 3.8 3.5
D6: New Jersey.USA/94/1 5.8 4.2
D7: Victoria.AUS/16.85 3.3 3.0
D8: Manchester.UNK/30.94 4.4 3.0
D9: Victoria.AUS/12.99 4.9 3.5
D10: Kampala.UGA/51.00/1 7.3 4.3
E: Goettingen.DEU/71 6.4 4.5
F: MVs/Madrid.SPA/94 SSPE 6.4 4.4
G1: Berkeley.USA/83 8.0 5.2
G2: Amsterdam.NET/49.97 8.7 5.8
G3: Gresik.INO/17.02 7.6 6.3
H1: Hunan.CHN/93/7 7.6 6.6
H2: Beijing.CHN/94/1 9.1 5.7

*WHO, World Health Organization; CAE, Cameroon; GAB, Gabon; JPN, Japan; UNK, United Kingdom; SOA, South Africa; CAN, Canada; AUS, Australia; UGA, Uganda; DEU, Germany; SPA, Spain; NET, the Netherlands; INO, Indonesia; CHN, China.

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