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Volume 16, Number 7—July 2010


Population Structure of East African Relapsing Fever Borrelia spp.

Sally J. CutlerComments to Author , E. Margarita Bonilla, and Rajbir J. Singh
Author affiliations: University of East London, London, UK

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Table 2

Sample designation and accession numbers for Borrelia recurrentis and B. duttonii, East Africa

Strain designation Species GenBank accession no. Reference
Bd11 B. duttonii GQ401243 This study
Bd9 B. duttonii GQ401244 This study
Tz blood donor 1 B. duttonii GQ401245 This study
SJC4 B. recurrentis GQ401246 This study
Br5 B. recurrentis GQ401247 This study
Br8 B, recurrentis GQ401248 This study
Br9 B. recurrentis GQ401249 This study
Tz blood donor 6 B. duttonii GQ401250 This study
Tz blood donor 19 B. duttonii GQ401251 This study
SJC13 B. recurrentis GQ401252 This study
Br2 B. recurrentis GQ401253 This study
Br3 B. recurrentis GQ401254 This study
Tz blood donor 2 B. duttonii GQ401255 This study
Tz blood donor 20 B. duttonii GQ401256 This study
Tz blood donor 4 B. duttonii GQ401257 This study
Bd2 B. duttoii GQ401258 This study
Bd3 B. duttonii GQ401259 This study
Bd7 B. duttonii GQ401260 This study
Bd10 B. duttonii GQ401261 This study
Bd14 B. duttonii GQ401262 This study
SJC1 B. recurrentis GQ401263 This study
Br1 B. recurrentis GQ401264 This study
Br10 B. recurrentis GQ401265 This study
Br12 B. recurrentis GQ401266 This study
Bd8 B. duttonii GQ401267 This study
Bd6 B. duttonii GQ401268 This study
Bd5 B. duttonii GQ401269 This study
Bd4 B. duttonii GQ401270 This study
Bd14 B. duttonii GQ401271 This study
Bd19 B. duttonii GQ401272 This study
Bd18 B. duttonii GQ401273 This study
Bd15 B. duttonii GQ401274 This study
Bd12 B. duttonii GQ401275 This study
Bd13 B. duttonii GQ401276 This study
Bd1 B. duttonii GQ401277 This study
Br7 B. recurrentis GQ401278 This study
A1 B. recurrentis DQ000277 (3)
A11 B. recurrentis DQ000278 (3)
Ly B. duttonii DQ000279 (3)
MA15 B. duttonii DQ000280 (3)
MA18 B. duttonii DQ000281 (3)
WM B. duttonii DQ000282 (3)

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