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Volume 17, Number 1—January 2011


Endurance, Refuge, and Reemergence of Dengue Virus Type 2, Puerto Rico, 1986–2007

Kate L. McElroy1, Gilberto A. Santiago1, Niall J. Lennon, Bruce W. Birren, Matthew R. Henn1, and Jorge L. Muñoz-Jordán1Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: Author affiliations: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, San Juan, Puerto Rico (K.L. McElroy, G.A. Santiago, J.L. Muñoz-Jordán); Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (N.J. Lennon, B.W. Birren, M.R. Henn)

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Correlation between phylogeny and geographic location of dengue virus isolation, Puerto Rico 1986–2007*

Clade Region No. isolates Estimated BaTs (95% HPD CIs) p value
Aguadilla 5 2 (2–2) 0.04
Arecibo 12 3 (3–3) 0.03
2.75 (2–3)
II Mayaguez 6 4 (4–4) 0.01
Ponce 11 3 (3–3) 0.05
San Juan 15 5 (5–5) 0.01

*Correlation estimated by using BaTs. Association index = 6.51 (95% CI 6.03–7.22). Parsimony score statistic = 52.27 (95% CI 51–54). BaTs, Bayesian Tip-association Significance testing; HPD, highest probability density; CI, confidence interval.

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1These authors contributed equally to this article.