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Volume 17, Number 12—December 2011
CME ACTIVITY - Perspective

Risk for Rabies Importation from North Africa

Philippe GautretComments to Author , Florence Ribadeau-Dumas, Philippe Parola, Philippe Brouqui, and Hervé Bourhy

Author affiliations: Hôpital Nord, Marseille, France (P. Gautret, P. Parola, P. Brouqui); Institut Pasteur, Paris, France (F. Ribadeau-Dumas, H. Bourhy)

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Table 1

Reported rabies cases in humans and animals, North Africa, 2000–2009*

Country Annual no. human deaths/100,000 population Annual no. rabies PEP in humans/100,000 population No. rabies cases in animals (years)
Algeria 0.06† 2.2† 2,206 (2000–2008), 754 (2009)
Egypt 0.1‡ 1.9§ 5 (2000, 2006, and 2007)¶
Morocco 0.07† 1.6† 3,600 (2000–2008, including 343 in 2007)
Sudan 0.04† 0.4‡ 101 (2000–2007, including 38 in 2007)
Tunisia 0.02† 3.3†      1,253 (2000–2007, including 102 in 2007)

*PEP, postexposure prophylaxis. Data sources include World Health Organization RabNet database ( and RABMEDCONTROL ( (5,912).
†Calculated for 2000–2007.
‡Calculated for 2007.
§Calculated for 2000.
¶No data available for other years.

Main Article

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