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Volume 17, Number 6—June 2011


Coronavirus HKU1 in Children, Brazil, 1995

Luiz G. Góes, Edison L. DurigonComments to Author , Angélica A. Campos, Noely Hein, Saulo D. Passos, and José A. Jerez
Author affiliations: Author affiliations: Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil (L.G. Góes, E.L. Durigon, A.A. Campos, N. Hein, J.A. Jerez); Faculdade de Medicina de Jundiai, Jundiai, Brazil (S.D. Passos)

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Epidemiologic and laboratory data of children with coronavirus infection, Brazil, 1995*

Specimen no.: HCoV strain by pol analyses Age/sex Sample collection date Clinical diagnosis Co-infections Detection method, fragment sequenced
09: HKU1A 3 mo/F Mar Pertussis ND Nested PCR, 143 bp
37: HKU1A 2 mo/M Apr Bronchiolitis plus bronchopneumonia RSV Nested PCR, 143 bp
90: HKU1B 4 mo/M Jul Upper respiratory infection ND Nested PCR, 143 bp
99: HKU1 B 9 y/M Jul Pleural effusion pneumonia ND Nested PCR, 143 bp
104: HKU1 A 2 mo/F Jul Pertussis ND Pancoronavirus PCR, 143 bp
169: HKU1B 3 y/F Nov Fever, diarrhea Worms Pancoronavirus PCR, 173 bp

*HCoV, human coronavirus; ND, not detected; RSV, respiratory syncytial virus.

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