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Volume 17, Number 7—July 2011

Asian Lineage of Peste des Petits Ruminants Virus, Africa

Olivier Kwiatek, Yahia Hassan Ali, Intisar Kamil Saeed, Abdelmelik Ibrahim Khalafalla, Osama Ishag Mohamed, Ali Abu Obeida, Magdi Badawi Abdelrahman, Halima Mohamed Osman, Khalid Mohamed Taha, Zakia Abbas, Mehdi El Harrak, Youssef Lhor, Adama Diallo, Renaud Lancelot, Emmanuel Albina, and Geneviève LibeauComments to Author 
Author affiliations: Author affiliations: Control of Exotic and Emerging Animal Diseases, Montpellier, France (O. Kwiatek, R. Lancelot, E. Albina, G. Libeau); Central Veterinary Research Laboratories, Soba, Sudan (Y.H. Ali, I.K. Saeed, M.B. Abdelrahman, H.M. Osman, Z. Abbas); University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan (A.I. Khalafalla, A.A. Obeida); Rabak Veterinary Research Laboratory, White Nile State, Sudan (O.I. Mohamed); Atbara Veterinary Research Laboratory, River Nile State, Sudan (K.M. Taha); Biopharama, Rabat, Morocco (M. El Harrak, Y. Lhor); International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria (A. Diallo)

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Table 4

PPRV sequences analyzed from tissue samples of sheep, goats, and camels in Sudan and from sheep in Morocco, with lineage classifications, 1971 and 2000–2009*

Sample no.
Sequence available
Lineage classification
GenBank accession nos.
N gene
F gene
Ov_39300 PPRV/Kuku/Khartoum/ KHSUD00-1 15.617 32.6 IV-SA HQ131933 Lung 2000
Cam_1 PPRV/Kassala/KSUD04-1 15.45 36.4 IV-SA HQ131935 Lung 2004
Cam_3 PPRV/Kassala/KSUD04-2 15.45 36.4 IV-SA HQ131947 Lung 2004
Cam_223 PPRV/Atbara/NSUD05-1 17.701 33.99 IV-SA HQ131934 HQ131949 Lung 2005
Cam_268 PPRV/Atbara/NSUD05-2 17.701 33.99 IV-SA HQ131936 HQ131951 Lung 2005
Cam_264 PPRV/Atbara/NSUD05-3 17.701 33.99 IV-SA HQ131948 HQ131950 Lung 2005
Cam_304 PPRV/Tambool/BNSUD06-1 14.933 33.4 IV-SA HQ131937 Lung 2006
Cam_330 PPRV/Tambool/BNUD06-2 14.933 33.4 IV-SA HQ131938 Lung 2006
Cam_8 PPRV/Kassala/KSUD07 15.45 36.4 IV-SA HQ131939 Isolate 2007
Cam_169 PPRV/Tambool/BNSUD07-1 14.933 33.4 IV-SA HQ131940 Isolate 2007
Cam_318 PPRV/Tambool/BNSUD0-2 14.933 33.4 IV-SA HQ131941 Isolate 2007
Cam_352 PPRV/Atbara/NSUD08 17.701 33.99 IV-SA HQ131942 Lung 2008
Ov_1 PPRV/Abudelaiq/KSUD08 14.967 35.92 IV-SA HQ131922 Lung 2008
Ov_25 PPRV/Bashagra/Gezira/ BNSUD08 14.912 33.24 IV-SA HQ131943 HQ131955 Lung 2008
Ov_140 PPRV/Gedarif/KSUD08 14.033 35.38 IV-SA HQ131944 HQ131953 Lung 2008
Cap_1 PPRV/Rabak/BNSUD09 13.18 32.74 IV-SA HQ131945 HQ131954 Lung/liver 2009
Cap_9 PPRV/Dongola/NSUD09 19.169 30.47 IV-SA HQ131932 NS Lung 2009
Ov_41 PPRV/Ed Damar/NSUD08 17.593 33.96 IV-SA + 2 mut HQ131931 HQ131959 Lung 2008
Ov_10033 PPRV/Ed Damar/NSUD00-1 17.593 33.96 IV-SA HQ131929 NS Lung 2000
Ov_10034 PPRV/Ed Damar/NSUD00-2 17.593 33.96 IV-SA HQ131930 NS Lung 2000
Ov_Soba PPRV/Soba/Khartoum/ KHSUD00-2 15.51 32.63 IV-SA HQ131920 NS Isolate 2000
Ov_ Al Azaza PPRV/Al Azaza/BNSUD00 14.204 35.54 IV-SA HQ131917 NS Isolate 2000
Ov_23 PPRV/Soba/Khartoum/ KHSUD08 15.51 32.63 IV-SA HQ131921 HQ131952 Spleen 2008
Ov_Gedarif PPRV/Gedarif/KSUD71 14.033 35.38 III HQ131918 HQ131956 Isolate 1971
Ov_Al Hilalia PPRV/Al Hilalia/BNSUD00 14.921 33.23 III HQ131919 NS Isolate 2000
Ov_67496 PPRV/Abudelaiq/KSUD00 14.967 35.92 III HQ131946 NS Isolate 2000
Morocco_2008_1 PPRV/Morocco08-01 33.56 –6.89 IV HQ131923 NS Lymph 2008
Morocco_2008_2 PPRV/Morocco08-02 33.56 –6.89 IV HQ131924 HQ131957 Lung 2008
Morocco_2008_3 PPRV/Morocco08-03 33.56 –6.89 IV HQ131925 NS Lymph 2008
Morocco_2008_4 PPRV/Morocco08-04 33.56 –6.89 IV HQ131926 NS Lymph 2008
Morocco_2008_9 PPRV/Morocco08-09 34.03 –6.8 IV HQ131927 HQ131958 Lung 2008
Morocco_2008_11 PPRV/Morocco08-11 30.4 –9.6 IV HQ131928 NS Lung 2008

*PPRV, peste des petits ruminants virus; ov, ovine; IV-SA, lineage IV Saudi Arabia cluster; lung, lung tissue sample; KHSUD, Khartoum Region Sudan; cam, camel; KSUD, Kassala Sudan; NSUD, Northern Sudan; BNSUD, Blue Nile Sudan; isolate, virus isolate; cap, caprine; liver, liver tissue sample; NS, not sequenced; IV-SA + 2 mut, lineage IV, differing from Saudi Arabia cluster by 2 mutations; IV-SA, lineage IV Central Africa cluster; spleen, spleen tissue sample; lymph, lymph node sample.

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