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Volume 17, Number 7—July 2011


Bartonella spp. in Bats, Guatemala

Ying BaiComments to Author , Michael Y. Kosoy, Sergio Recuenco, Danilo Alvarez, David Moran, Amy Turmelle, James Ellison, Daniel L. Garcia, Alejandra Estevez, Kim A. Lindblade, and Charles E. Rupprecht
Author affiliations: Author affiliations: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA (Y. Bai, M. Kosoy); Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (S. Recuenco, A. Turmelle, J. Ellison, C. Rupprecht); Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Guatemala City, Guatemala (D. Alvarez, D. Moran, A. Estevez); Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Regional Office for Central America and Panama, Guatemala City (D.L. Garcia, K. Lindblade)

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Table 2

GenBank accession numbers and distribution of 21 genetic variants of Bartonella spp. in bats from Guatemala, 2009

Accession no. Type strain Host bat species No. sequences Distribution (no. isolates) Phylogroup
HM597187 B29042 Desmodus rotundus 1 D. rotundus (1) I
HM597188 B29043 D . rotundus 3 D. rotundus (3) I
HM597189 B29044 D . rotundus 2 D. rotundus (2) I
HM597190 B29107 D . rotundus 1 D. rotundus (1) I
HM597191 B29108 D. rotundus 3 D. rotundus (2); C. perspicillata (1) I
HM597192 B29114 D. rotundus 3 D. rotundus (2); C. perspicillata (1) I
HM597193 B29102 Pteronotus davyi 3 P. davyi (3) II
HM597194 B29109 P. davyi 1 P. davyi (1) II
HM597195 B29119 D. rotundus 3 D. rotundus (3) III
HM597196 B29122 D. rotundus 1 D. rotundus (1) III
HM597198 B29116 Phyllostomus discolor 2 P. discolor (2) V
HM597199 B29126 Carollia perspicillata 2 C. perspicillata (2) IV
HM597200 B29230 P. discolor 1 P. discolor (1) IV
HM597201 B29115 P. discolor 3 P. discolor (3) VI
HM597202 B29110 Glossophaga soricina 3 G. soricina (2); P. davyi (1) VII
HM597203 B29105 P. davyi 3 P. davyi (3) VIII
HM597204 B29112 P. discolor 2 P. discolor (2) IX
HM597205 B29134 P. davyi 1 P. davyi (1) X
HM597206 B29137 Sturnira lilium 1 S. lilium (1) XI
HM597207 B29172 Micronycteris microtis 1 M. microtis (1) XII
HM597197 B29111 Artibeus toltecus 1 A. toltecus (1) XIII

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