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Volume 18, Number 1—January 2012


Candida spp. with Acquired Echinocandin Resistance, France, 2004–20101

Eric Dannaoui2, Marie Desnos-Ollivier2, Dea Garcia-Hermoso, Fredéric Grenouillet, Sophie Cassaing, Marie-Thérèse Baixench, Stéphane Bretagne, Françoise Dromer, Olivier LortholaryComments to Author , and the French Mycoses Study Group
Author affiliations: Institut Pasteur, Paris, France (E. Dannaoui, M. Desnos-Ollivier, D. Garcia-Hermoso, S. Bretagne, F. Dromer, O. Lortholary); Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Besançon, Besançon France (F. Grenouillet); Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Toulouse–Hôpital Rangueil, Toulouse, France (S. Cassaing); Hôpital Cochin, Paris (M.-T. Baixench)

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Table 1

Characteristics of 20 patients with infections caused by a non–parapsilosis/guilliermondii Candida spp. Fks mutation, France, 2004–2010*

Patient no. Age, y/sex Underlying condition Neutropenia Species Site of infection Duration of caspofungin exposure, d† Outcome at 30 d‡
1 34/M HIV positive No C. albicans Esophagus 21 Alive
2 20/M Hematologic malignancy: familial lymphohistiocytosis Yes C. albicans Blood 17 Dead
3 77/M Hematologic malignancy: AML Yes C. albicans Blood 25 Alive
4 46/M Hematologic malignancy: AML Yes C. albicans Blood, peritoneum, pleural fluid 26 Dead
5 34/F Liver transplant: cirrhosis No C. albicans Hepatic abscess, peritoneum 60 Alive
6 64/F Hematologic malignancy: AML; breast cancer No C. albicans Blood 25 Alive at 17 d
7 59/M Teratocarcinoma No C. albicans Pharynx 35 Dead
8 28/M Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis No C. albicans Pharynx, nails 270 Alive
9 14/F Hematologic malignancy: ALL Yes C. krusei Lung 45 Alive
10 79/M Hematologic malignancy: non-Hodgkin lymphoma Yes C. krusei Blood 10 Dead
11 46/M Hematologic malignancy: Burkitt lymphoma; HSCT Yes C. glabrata Blood None Dead
12 85/M Gastric ulcer; CVC No C. glabrata Blood 32 Alive
13 28/M Hematologic malignancy: non-Hodgkin lymphoma; HSCT No C. glabrata Palate§ 135 Alive
14 48/M Esophageal cancer No C. glabrata Blood 12 Alive
15 41/M Liver transplant: fulminant hepatitis No C. glabrata Blood, peritoneum 37 Dead
16 38/F Hematologic malignancy; AML; HSCT Yes C. glabrata Blood 51 Dead
17 60/M Acute pancreatitis; GI tract surgery No C. glabrata Bile 34 Alive
18 39/M Hematologic malignancy: AML; HSCT No C. glabrata Sinus§ 15 Alive
19 55/F Lock-in syndrome; neurogenic bladder No C. glabrata Urine¶ 27 Alive
20 63/M Colon cancer Yes C. glabrata Blood 14 Alive

*AML, acute myelogenous leukemia; ALL, acute lymphoblastic leukemia; HSCT, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation; CVC, central venous catheter; GI, gastrointestinal.
†Duration of caspofungin exposure before isolation of the first resistant Candida isolate.
‡Outcome 30 d after isolation of the first resistant Candida isolate.
§From a biopsy specimen.
¶With sepsis.

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1This work was presented in part at the 20th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Vienna, Austria, April 10–13, 2010 (abstract no. O346).

2These authors contributed equally to this article.

3Additional members of the French Mycoses Study Group who contributed data are listed at the end of this article.