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Volume 18, Number 12—December 2012


Antimicrobial Drug–Resistant Escherichia coli in Wild Birds and Free-range Poultry, Bangladesh

Badrul HasanComments to Author , Linus Sandegren, Åsa Melhus, Mirva Drobni, Jorge Hernandez, Jonas Waldenström, Munirul Alam, and Björn Olsen
Author affiliations: Author affiliations: Uppsala University Department of Medical SciencesUppsala, Sweden (B. Hasan, Å. Melhus, M. Drobni, B. Olsen); Linnaeus University Centre for Ecology and Epidemiology in Microbial Model Systems, Kalmar, Sweden (B. Hasan, J. Hernandez, J. Waldenström, B. Olsen); International Center for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh (M. Alam); Uppsala University Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology, Uppsala (L. Sandegren).

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Table 1

Antimicrobial drug resistance phenotypes in randomly isolated Escherichia coli from wild and domestic birds, Bangladesh

Drug Domestic birds, n = 52 Wild birds, n = 14
Tetracycline 24 1
Trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole 17 2
Ampicillin 15 4
Cephradine 0 1
Cefuroxime 2 1
Cefadroxil 0 1
Nalidixic acid 11 1
Ciprofloxacin 3 1
Streptomycin 3 1
Gentamicin 0 1
Fosfomycin 0 1
Chloramphenicol 4 0
Nitrofurantoin 1 0
Tigecycline 0 0
Mecillinam 0 0

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