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Volume 18, Number 12—December 2012


Outbreak of Influenza A (H3N2) Variant Virus Infection among Attendees of an Agricultural Fair, Pennsylvania, USA, 2011

Karen K. WongComments to Author , Adena Greenbaum, Maria E. Moll, James Lando, Erin L. Moore, Rahul Ganatra, Matthew Biggerstaff, Eugene Lam, Erica E. Smith, Aaron D. Storms, Jeffrey R. Miller, Virginia Dato, Kumar Nalluswami, Atmaram Nambiar, Sharon A. Silvestri, James R. Lute, Stephen Ostroff, Kathy Hancock, Alicia Branch, Susan C. Trock, Alexander Klimov, Bo Shu, Lynnette Brammer, Scott Epperson, Lyn Finelli, and Michael A. Jhung
Author affiliations: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (K.K. Wong, A. Greenbaum, R. Ganatra, M. Biggerstaff, E. Lam, A.D. Storms, J.R. Miller, K. Hancock, A. Branch, S.C. Trock, A. Klimov, B. Shu, L. Brammer, S. Epperson, L. Finelli, M.A. Jhung); Pennsylvania Department of Health, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA (M.E. Moll, E.E. Smith, J.R. Miller, V. Dato, K. Nalluswami, A. Nambiar, J.R. Lute, S. Ostroff); Allegheny County Health Department, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (J. Lando, S.A. Silvestri); and Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Harrisburg (E.L. Moore)

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Table 3

Characteristics of Club X cohort members who attended agricultural Fair A during an outbreak of A(H3N2)v virus infection, Pennsylvania, 2011*

Characteristic Club X cohort, N = 127


47/127 (37)


80/127 (63)
Case status

Suspected case-patient

14/127 (11)


113/127 (89)
Age, y
Median (range) 13 (4–19)

<4 y

2/127 (2)


70/127 (55)


51/127 (40)


4/127 (3)
Underlying medical condition 19/124 (15)
Reported any prior influenza vaccination 56/115 (49)
No. days spent at fair, median (range) 9 (1–10)
Exhibited animal at fair 75/125 (60)
Exhibited swine at fair 34/125 (27)
Family owns livestock 83/125 (66)
Family owns swine 33/125 (26)
Reported swine exposure† 100/127 (79)

*Data are no. with characteristic (%) or no. with characteristic/total no. cohort members with data (%) unless otherwise specified. Club X is an agricultural club for children. A(H3N2)v, influenza A (H3N2) variant virus.
†Includes attending swine exhibit, walking near swine exhibit, or touching swine at fair.

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