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Volume 18, Number 4—April 2012


Determinants for Autopsy after Unexplained Deaths Possibly Resulting from Infectious Causes, United States

Lindy LiuComments to Author , Laura S. Callinan, Robert C. Holman, and Dianna M. Blau
Author affiliations: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Table 2

Syndromic classification of selected ICD-10 codes and cause of death for unexplained deaths possibly resulting from infectious causes, United States, 2003–2006*

Syndrome ICD-10 codes
Gastrointestinal A04.9, A05.9, A07.9, A08.4, A09, B82.0, B82.9, K29.7, K29.9, K51.9, K65.9, K85.9, R11, R85.5, R85.6, R85.7
Neurologic A81.9, A83.9, A84.9, A85.2, A86, A87.9, A89, A92.9, A94, G00.9, G03.9, G04.9, G06.2, R29.8, R40.2, R83.5
Respiratory J01.9, J02.9, J03.9, J06.9, J12.9, J15.9, J18.0, J18.1 J18.2, J18.8, J18.9, J20.9, J21.9, J22, R04.9, R84.5, R84.6, R84.7
Cardiovascular D59.4, D59.9, D61.9, D64.9, D69.6, I01.9, I30.9, I33.9, I40.9, I42.8, I42.9, I51.4, I77.6, L95.9
Unknown/other A28.9, A49.8, A49.9, A64, A68.9, A99, B09, B34.9, B49, B64, B83.9, B88.9, B89, B94.9, B99, D73.3, M60.0, N10.9, O98.9, P36.9, P37.9, P39.9, R50.9, R56.8, R59.9, R69, R89.5, R89.6, R89.7, R96.0, R96.1, R98, R99
Sepsis/shock A41.9, R57.9

*ICD-10, International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision.

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