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Volume 18, Number 7—July 2012


Ebola Virus Antibodies in Fruit Bats, Ghana, West Africa

David T.S. HaymanComments to Author , Meng Yu, Gary Crameri, Lin-Fa Wang, Richard Suu-Ire, James L.N. Wood, and Andrew A. Cunningham
Author affiliations: University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK (D.T.S. Hayman, J.L.N. Wood); Zoological Society of London, London, UK (D.T.S. Hayman, A.A. Cunningham); Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency, Weybridge, UK (D.T.S. Hayman); Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, USA (D.T.S. Hayman); CSIRO Livestock Industries, Geelong, Victoria, Australia (M. Yu, G. Crameri, L.-F. Wang); and Ghana Forestry Commission, Accra, Ghana (R. Suu-Ire)

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ZEBOV- and REBOV-specific results of ELISA and Western blot analysis of serum from Ebola virus–positive fruit bats, Ghana*

Location, date, fruit bat species Sex Age ELISA OD (endpoint titer dilution)

Western blot†
May 29, 2007
Epomops franqueti F A 0.11 (1:50) 0.53 (1:200) +
E. franqueti F SI 0.08 (1:50) 0.62 (1:100) + +
Hypsignathus monstrosus F A 0.12 (1:50) 1.08 (1:200) + +
H. monstrosus F SI 1.11 (1:200) 0.17 (1:50) +
H. monstrosus F A 0.15 0.71
H. monstrosus‡ M SI 0.05 0.11
May 30, 2007
E. franqueti F A 0.1§ 0.53§ +
May 31, 2007
Epomophorus gambianus M A 0.59 0.67
E. franqueti§ F A 0.05 0.16
E. gambianus F A 0.19 0.55
E. gambianus F A 0.13 (1:50) 1.24 (1:800) +
E. gambianus F SI 0.65 (1:200) 0.36 (1:50) +
June 2, 2007
E. gambianus M A 0.51 0.63
Negative control (RAB691/d0) 0.19 0.27
Positive control (RAB691/EBOV-N) 1.39 1.42 + +

*ZEBOV, Zaire Ebola virus; REBOV, Reston Ebola virus; OD, optical density; A, adult; SI, sexually immature.
†Only serum samples with ZEBOV- or REBOV- positive ELISA results (optical density >0.50) were tested.
‡Negative-control field serum samples.
§Additional serum was not available for endpoint titer dilution determination.

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