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Volume 18, Number 7—July 2012


Spike Protein Fusion Peptide and Feline Coronavirus Virulence

Hui-Wen Chang, Herman F. Egberink, Rebecca Halpin, David J. Spiro, and Peter J.M. RottierComments to Author 
Author affiliations: Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands (H.-W. Chang, H.F. Egberink, P.J.M. Rottier); and J. Craig Venter Institute, Rockville, Maryland, USA (R. Halpin, D.J. Spiro)

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Table 1

GenBank accession numbers for viruses for which the genomes were fully sequenced in a study to distinguish virulent from nonvirulent feline coronaviruses

Virus strain Accession no.
Feline infectious peritonitis viruses
UU3 FJ938061
UU4 FJ938054
UU5 FJ938056
UU8 FJ938055
UU9 FJ938062
UU15 FJ938057
UU16 FJ938058
UU17 HQ012367
UU21 HQ012369
UU24 HQ012370
UU30 HQ392472
Feline enteric coronaviruses
RM FJ938051
UU2 (UCD) FJ938060
UU7 FJ938053
UU10 FJ938059
UU11 FJ938052
UU18 HQ012368
UU19 HQ392490
UU20 HQ392471
UU22 GU553361
UU23 GU553362
UU31 HQ012371

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