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Volume 19, Number 10—October 2013


Recurrent Bordetella holmesii Bacteremia and Nasal Carriage in a Patient Receiving Rituximab

Liem Binh Luong Nguyen, Loïc Epelboin, Jean Gabarre, Marylin Lecso, Sophie Guillot, François Bricaire, Eric Caumes, and Nicole GuisoComments to Author 
Author affiliations: Groupe Hospitalier Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris, France (L.B.Luong Nguyen, L. Epelboin, J. Gabarre, M. Lecso, F. Bricaire, E. Caumes); Université Paris, Paris (L. Epelboin, F. Bricaire, E. Caumes); and Institut Pasteur, Paris (S. Guillot, N. Guiso)

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Antimicrobial resistance profile of Bordetella holmesii isolates in vitro, France,, December 2010–March 2011*

Antimicrobial agent
Antimicrobial drug MICs†, μg/mL, by isolate‡
Blood, d 1
Blood, d 24
Blood, d 33
Blood, d 74
NPS, d 105
Amoxicillin <2 <2 NA# 16 <2
Cefoxitin <8 >256 >256 >256 >256
Cefotaxime >32 >32 >32 >32 >32
Nalidixic acid <16 <16 <16 64 >256
Trimethroprim >32 >32 >32 >32 >32
Sulfamethoxazole >512 >512 >512 >512 >512

*MICs corresponding to a drug resistance, which may reflect the general interpretation for nonfermenting bacteria, are in boldface. NPS, nasopharyngeal swab; NA, no available data.
†MICs were determined by E-test on Bordet–Gengou agar.
‡Site and day (d) of collection of isolate.

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