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Volume 19, Number 2—February 2013


Laboratory-based Surveillance for Hepatitis E Virus Infection, United States, 2005–2012

Jan DrobeniucComments to Author , Tracy Greene-Montfort, Ngoc-Thao Le, Tonya R. Mixson-Hayden, Lilia Ganova-Raeva, Chen Dong, Ryan T. Novak, Umid M. Sharapov, Rania A. Tohme, Eyasu Teshale, Saleem Kamili, and Chong-Gee Teo
Author affiliations: Author affiliation: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA, USA

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Demographic, clinical, travel-related, and virologic characteristics for patients with hepatitis E, United States, 2005–2012*

Travel history and case-patient no. Age, y/sex Race/ ethnicity State of residence Transplant (organ) Jaundice Countries
visited Anti-HEV SCR
HEV genotype HEV
viral load†
No recent international travel‡
NT1 61/M White FL No Yes NA 7.5 5.7 3 NA
NT2 45/M White CA No Yes NA 3.7 4
NT3 63/M White SD Yes (kidney) No NA 7.2 5.4 3 NA
NT4 61/M South Asian IL Yes (liver) No NA 1.9 5.9 3 NA
NT5 67/M White FL No Yes NA 6.3 1.3
NT6 44/F Hispanic TX No Yes§ NA 3.1 3.7 3 NA
NT7 21/F Hispanic TX No Yes¶ NA 2.2 1.6
NT8 67/M White IL Yes (heart and lungs) Yes NA 3 3.3
NT9 42/M White WI No Yes NA 6 6.6
NT10 62/F White IL Yes (kidney) No NA 2.9 8.9
NT11 26/M White PA Yes (kidney) No NA 5.3 8.3 3 7.8 × 102
NT12 40/F White NY Yes (kidney and pancreas) No# NA 7.7 12.9 3 1.4 × 103
NT13 64/M White CT Yes (liver) Yes NA 9.2 1.3 3 1.4 × 104
NT14 29/F White MI No No** NA 6.6 9.8
1.5 × 103
Recent international travel‡
T1 35/M South Asian DE No Yes India 2.3 4.5 1 1.8 × 102
T2 14/F South Asian TX No Yes India 7.3 5.8
T3 32/F South Asian TX No Yes India 3.7 5.8
T4 24/M South Asian TX No Yes India 2.3 2
T5 35/M White IL No No India and Indonesia 2.9 8.9
T6 24/M White MD No Yes Afghanistan and Dubai 6.9 9.4
T7 63/M White AL No Yes China 7.9 Neg 4 2.4 × 102
T8 23/M South Asian ME No­­ Yes Bangladesh 7.6 10.8
T9 53/M South Asian MD No Yes†† India 9.2 9.4
T10 66/M South Asian TX No Yes India 5.5 11.7 1 1.8 × 102
T11 22/M South Asian MD No Yes India 9.9 10.9 1 8.3 × 105

*HEV, hepatitis E virus; SCR, signal/cutoff ratio; NT, nontraveler; NA, not applicable (quantitative reverse transcription PCR not done); –, HEV not detected or genotype not tested; Neg, negative.
†In genome-equivalents/mL.
‡Within 2 mo before illness or visit to physician.
§Fulminant hepatic failure developed but resolved (14).
¶Fulminant hepatic failure developed; patient died at time of liver transplantation (14).
#Initial illness was meningitis.
**Asymptomatic; tested for HEV because of recent miscarriage.
††Fulminant hepatic failure developed, requiring liver transplantation; patient survived.

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