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Volume 19, Number 4—April 2013


Detection of Spliced mRNA from Human Bocavirus 1 in Clinical Samples from Children with Respiratory Tract Infections

Andreas ChristensenComments to Author , Henrik Døllner, Lars Høsøien Skanke, Sidsel Krokstad, Nina Moe, and Svein Arne Nordbø
Author affiliations: Trondheim University Hospital, Trondheim, Norway (A. Christensen, H. Døllner, L.H. Skanke, S. Krokstad, N. Moe, S.A. Nordbø); Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim (A. Christensen, H. Døllner, N. Moe, S.A. Nordbø)

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Table 3

Most commonly co-detected viruses in NPAs from children with HBoV1 DNA, distributed by presence of RTI and HBoV1 mRNA, Norway, 2007–2010*

HBoV1 DNA+ children with RTIs

HBoV1 DNA+ controls
No. (%) HBoV mRNA+, 
n = 33
No. (%) HBoV1 mRNA–,
n = 100†
HBoV mRNA+, 
n = 0
HBoV1 mRNA–, 
n = 28†
Respiratory syncytial virus 4 (12) 28 (28) 0
Rhinovirus 7 (21) 25 (25) 10 (36)
Enterovirus 5 (15) 24 (24) 15 (54)
Adenovirus 1 (3) 20 (20) 9 (32)

*NPAs, nasopharyngeal aspirates; HBoV1, human bocavirus 1; RTIs, respiratory tract infections; +, positive; –, negative.
†Triple and quadruple infections were common, and percentages within the columns may therefore add up to >100%.

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