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Volume 2, Number 3—July 1996


DNA Vaccines for Emerging Infectious Diseases: What If?

Robert G. WhalenComments to Author 
Author affiliation: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique 
Paris, France

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Table 1

Animal models of DNA vaccines

Pathogen Antigen Animal Species References
Bovine herpesvirus Glycoprotein Cattle, | mouse (7)
Hepatitis B virus Capsid (core antigen) Mouse (48)
Hepatitis B virus Envelope protein (surface antigen) Mouse
Chimpanzee * (3, 8-14, 53)
Hepatitis C virus Core/Nucleocapsid Mouse (12, 15)
Herpes simplex virus Glycoprotein B
Glycoprotein D
ICP27 Mouse | * (16-18)
Human immuno deficiency virus-1 Envelope glycoprotein
Noninfectious particles Mouse
Nonhuman primates (19-22)
House dust mite Allergen Rat * (52)
Influenza virus Hemagglutinin
Matrix protein
Nucleoprotein Chicken *
Ferrets *
Mouse *
Nonhuman primates * (23-29)
Leishmania major Major surface glycoprotein Mouse * (50)
Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus Glycoprotein
Nucleoprotein Mouse | *@ (30-32)
Mycobacterium tuberculosis M. leprae hsp65 Mouse | (33)
Mycoplasma pulmonis M. pulmonis DNA
M. pulmonis DNA expression library Mouse * (34,35)
Papillomavirus Major capsid protein L1 Rabbit * (51)
Plasmodium yoelii Circumsporozoite protein Mouse | (36-38)
Rabies virus Glycoprotein Mouse * (39-41)
Simian immunodeficiency virus Env, gag Monkeys (49)
Schistosoma japonicum Paramyosin (Sj97) Mouse (42)

The symbols | and * refer to reports of partial or complete protection, respectively, to challenge by the infectious agent. In one case, enhanced immunopathology ( @ ) after intracranial viral challenge has been reported. (32).
Updated versions of this table can be found on The DNA Vaccine Web site (URL: where links are provided to the PubMed abstracts of most references. See also a compendium of recent articles on DNA vaccines in a special issue of the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Volume 772 (New York Academy of Sciences Conference: "DNA Vaccines: A Novel Approach to Vaccination," Arlington, VA, April 7-9, 1995). The PubMed abstracts of the articles in this issue can be found on The DNA Vaccine Web.

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