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Volume 2, Number 4—October 1996


Encephalitis Caused by a Lyssavirus in Fruit Bats in Australia

Graeme C. Fraser*, Peter T. Hooper†, Ross A. Lunt†, Allan R. Gould†, Laurence J. Gleeson†, Alex D. Hyatt†, Gail M. Russell†, and Jaqueline A. Kattenbelt†
Author affiliations: *NSW Department of Agriculture, Wollongbar, Australia; †CSIRO Division of Animal Health, Geelong, Australia

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Table 2

Reactivity patterns of nucleocapsid monoclonal antibodies (Mab) with rabies (CVS-11) and pteropid lyssavirus (PLV)

MAbb Specificitya CVS-11 PLV
W502-2c lyssavirus + +
HAMd lyssavirus + +
C15-2e rabies + -
62-143-1f rabies + +
62-3-1f rabies +, EBV + + -
62-146-3f rabies +, DUVV - + +
W422c Mokola +, LBV + - -

a + indicates a positive reaction; - indicates a negative reaction
b Monoclonal antibody were specificities indicated by the following sources:
c (14,15); d (10); e (J Smith, pers. comm.); f (15,16)

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