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Volume 20, Number 10—October 2014

Evidence of Recombinant Strains of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus, United States, 2013

Peng-Fei Tian, Yu-Lan Jin, Gang Xing, Ling-Ling Qv, Yao-Wei Huang1, and Ji-Yong Zhou1
Author affiliations: Key Laboratory of Animal Virology of Ministry of Agriculture, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

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Summary of 24 representative porcine epidemic diarrheal virus sequences in China determined in this study, 2012–2013*

Strain/year Province of collection Sequencing region GenBank accession no.
CH/ZJCX-1/2012 Zhejiang Full-length KF840537
CH/ZJHY-2/2012 Zhejiang S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840538
CH/ZJJS-Z/2012 Zhejiang S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840539
CH/ZJJS-1Z/2012 Zhejiang S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840540
CH/JXZS-3H/2012 Jiangxi S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840541
CH/JXZS-2H/2012 Jiangxi S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840542
CH/ZJXS212/2012 Zhejiang S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840543
CH/ZJHZHY-6/2013 Zhejiang S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840544
CH/JXJDZ-F/2012 Jiangxi S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840545
CH/ZJJS-2Z/2012 Zhejiang S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840546
CH/JXZS-3L/2012 Jiangxi S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840547
CH/JXZS-1223L/2012 Jiangxi S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840548
CH/SDZD-1/2012 Shandong S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840549
CH/SDZD-2/2012 Shandong S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840850
CH/HuBWHYQ/2012 Hubei S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840851
CH/ZJQZ-2/2012 Zhejiang S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840852
CH/ZJHZ-1C/2012 Zhejiang S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840853
CH/ZJHZ-2C/2012 Zhejiang S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840854
CH/JXJDZ-1/2012 Jiangxi S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840855
CH/ZJJS-4X/2012 Zhejiang S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840856
CH/ZJQZ-2w/2012 Zhejiang S KF840857
CH/ZJDX-1/2012 Zhejiang S KF840858
CH/JSZL-2/2013 Jiangxi S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840861
CH/JSZL-3/2013 Jiangxi S-ORF3-E-M-N KF840862
*S, spike protein; ORF, open reading frame; E, envelope: M, membrane; N, nucleoprotein.

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1These authors were co-principal investigators.

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