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Volume 20, Number 3—March 2014

Tick-borne Pathogens in Northwestern California, USA

Daniel J. SalkeldComments to Author , Stephanie Cinkovich, and Nathan C. Nieto
Author affiliations: Stanford University, Stanford, California, USA (D.J. Salkeld); Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA (S. Cinkovich, N.C. Nieto)

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Borrelia spp. infection prevalence among adult Ixodes pacificus ticks in northwestern California, USA, January–May 2012*

Location, County (reference) No. Borrelia spp. ticks infected/total (%)
B. burgdorferi sensu stricto B. burgdorferi sensu lato B. miyamotoi Unsequenced species All species
Jasper Ridge Biologic Preserve, San Mateo 1/32 (3.1) 1/32 (3.1)
Pulgas Ridge OSP, San Mateo 2/118 (1.7) 2/118 (1.7)
Thornewood OSP, San Mateo† 1/156 (0.6) 2/156 (1.3) 2/156 (1.3) 4/156 (2.6) 9/156 (5.8)
Thornewood OSP, San Mateo‡ 0/9 (0)
Windy Hill OSP, San Mateo† 2/120 (1.7) 1/120 (0.8) 3/120 (2.5)
Windy Hill OSP, San Mateo§ 2/122 (1.6) 3/122 (2.5) 1/122 (0.8) 2/122 (1.6) 8/122 (6.6)
Wunderlich County Park, San Mateo 0/15 (0)
Foothills Park, Santa Clara 0/13 (0)
Henry W. Coe State Park, Santa Clara 3/132 (2.3) 3/132 (2.3)
Monte Bello OSP, Santa Clara 1/46 (2.2) 1/46 (2.2) 2/46 (4.3)
Sanborn County Park, Santa Clara 4/53 (7.5) 4/53 (7.5)
Sierra Azul OSP, Santa Clara 2/112 (1.8) 2/112 (1.8)
Los Trancos OSP, San Mateo and Santa Clara 1/58 (1.7) 1/58 (1.7) 2/58 (3.4)
Castle Rock State Park, Santa Cruz 1/51 (2.0) 2/51 (3.9) 3/51 (5.8)
Castle Rock State Park, Santa Cruz (6) 13/264 (4.9)
Tilden Regional Park, Contra Costa (2) 1/814 (0.1) 4/814 (0.5) 5/814 (0.6)
China Camp State Park, Marin 1/143 (0.7) 1/143 (0.7) 2/143 (1.4) 4/143 (2.8)
Hopland Research and Extension Center, Mendocino (1,7) 4/282 (1.4) 2/282 (0.7)
Total (this study) 6/1,108 (0.5) 7/1,108 (0.6) 14/1,108 (1.3) 16/1,108 (1.4) 43/1,108 (3.6)

*Data are from this study and from previously published research (indicated by reference no.). OSP, open space preserve.

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