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Volume 21, Number 12—December 2015

Surveillance for Ebola Virus in Wildlife, Thailand

Supaporn WacharapluesadeeComments to Author , Kevin J. Olival, Budsabong Kanchanasaka, Prateep Duengkae, Supakarn Kaewchot, Phimchanok Srongmongkol, Gittiyaporn Ieamsaard, Patarapol Maneeorn, Nuntaporn Sittidetboripat, Thongchai Kaewpom, Sininat Petcharat, Sangchai Yingsakmongkon, Pierre E. Rollin, Jonathan S. Towner, and Thiravat Hemachudha
Author affiliations: King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital and Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand (S. Wacharaplluesadee, N. Sittidetboripa, T. Kaewpom, S. Petcharat, S. Yingsakmongkon, T. Hemachudha); EcoHealth Alliance, New York, New York, USA (K.J. Olival); Department of National Parks, Bangkok (B. Kanchanasaka, S. Kaewchot, P. Srongmongkol, G. Ieamsaard, P. Maneeorn); Kasetsart University, Bangkok (P. Duengkae); Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (P.E. Rollin, J.S. Towner)

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Overview of bats and macaques tested by Ebola virus IgG ELISA or PCR for filoviruses, Thailand, 2011–2014

Species Host family No. tested (no. positive) Test method* Specimen type† Location‡
Pteropus lylei Pteropodidae 500 (0) ELISA Serum a
Cynopterus brachyotis Pteropodidae 10 (0) PCR Pooled b
C. sphinx Pteropodidae 4 (0) PCR Pooled b
Eonycteris spelaea Pteropodidae 12 (0) PCR Pooled b
Macroglossus sobrinus Pteropodidae 2 (0) PCR Pooled b
Megaerops niphanae Pteropodidae 1 (0) PCR Pooled b
Rousettus amplexicaudatus Pteropodidae 3 (0) PCR Pooled b
Hipposideros armiger Hipposideridae 113 (0) PCR Pooled b
H. cineraceus Hipposideridae 4 (0) PCR Pooled b
H. larvatus Hipposideridae 33 (0) PCR Pooled b, c
H. lekaguli Hipposideridae 158 (0) PCR Pooled b
Megaderma lyra Megadermatidae 1 (0) PCR Pooled b
Miniopterus magnate Vespertilionidae 132 (0) PCR Pooled b, c
M. pusillus Vespertilionidae 1 (0) PCR Pooled b
M. schreibersii Vespertilionidae 22 (0) PCR Pooled b
Myotis horsfieldi Vespertilionidae 6 (0) PCR Pooled b
M. muricola Vespertilionidae 1 (0) PCR Pooled b
Rhinolophus shameli Rhinolophidae 44 (0) PCR Pooled b
R. coelophyllus Rhinolophidae 7 (0) PCR Pooled c
R. luctus Rhinolophidae 1 (0) PCR Pooled b
R. malayanus Rhinolophidae 4 (0) PCR Pooled c
R. microglobosus Rhinolophidae 1 (0) PCR Pooled b
R. pusillus Rhinolophidae 1 (0) PCR Pooled b
Scotophilus kuhlii Vespertilionidae 1 (0) PCR Pooled b
Taphozous longimanus Emballonuridae 27 (0) PCR Pooled b
T. melanopogon Emballonuridae 110 (0) PCR Pooled b
Total 699 (0)
Macaca fascicularis Cercopithecidae 50 (0) PCR Pooled d

*ELISA for IgG against Ebola virus.
†Nucleic acid extraction from Pooled saliva, serum, and urine.
‡a, Central Thailand; b, Eastern Thailand; c, Chaing Mai Province; d, Kao Chakan, Srakaeo Province.

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