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Volume 22, Number 7—July 2016

A Literature Review of Zika Virus

Anna R. PlourdeComments to Author  and Evan M. Bloch
Author affiliations: University of California, San Francisco, California, USA (A.R. Plourde); The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA (E.M. Bloch); Blood Systems Research Institute, San Francisco (E.M. Bloch)

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Figure 1

Cases of laboratory-confirmed, imported Zika virus infections in the United States, by state, January 1, 2015–February 10, 2016 (10). All cases are imported, with the exception of 2 sexually acquired autochthonous cases (11,12).

Figure 1. Cases of laboratory-confirmed, imported Zika virus infections in the United States, by state, January 1, 2015–February 10, 2016 (10). All cases are imported, with the exception of 2 sexually acquired autochthonous cases (11,12).

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